What does it mean when we make a choice?  What are the consequences of that choice?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of choices in our Webster Dictionary.

Choices=1.  An act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.  2.  The right of making or possibility of making sicj a selection  3.  a range of possibilities by which one or more may be selected

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of Choices-The decision we make when faced with a decision which has more than one outcome.

Why are our choices so important?  Choices have consequences so when we make these important decisions we must think ahead of what the direct and indirect consequences may be by making a choice.  Each choice has various outcomes with various endings and thinking through what those various outcomes are is crucial before making a choice about anything.

Some choices, wse think we may be aware of what ours would be if we had to make it ones requiring our belief system.  However, wse never know that we really would make that exact decision when actually faced with it in real life.  I am talking about choices like abortion, hurting someone back if it was done out of self-preservation.

When my daughter was much younger, her friend was faced with one of these decisions.  However, she was thirteen years old, and terrified to tell her parents she was pregnant.  You see, she didn’t up until this point, feel comfortable going to her mother with these types of decisions because she came from a very religious family and didn’t want to disappoint them that she had made a choice to be with the person she believed herself to be in love with.  Therefore, out of inexperience they made a choice and let their passion be the deciding factor and wound up pregnant.

She came to me as I was close to her, and asked me what to do.  I told her she would have to tell her parents.  Her parents, up until that point didn’t believe in abortion, but when faced with the real choice of their daughter having a baby at thirteen years old or carrying it to term, they knew the best choice for them when faced with this decision for their thirteen year old in reality was to go forward with abortion.

We must realize that however insignificant a choice may seem, they all have consequences.  It is important that we think through all of those before making the decision although the above story shows us that when faced with a given situation, when actually living it out, we may not make the choice we anticipated we would make.  Think long and hard about your choices in life, especially the big ones.

Thank you for reading about choices today.  When your finished, scroll down to the bottom of this post where it says, :join the discussion” and tell us about a difficult choice you had to make, or share a quote or poem about choices.  We would love to hear your opinion and open up the dialogue.

Thanks so much,

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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