WHAT role, does CLARITY,  play a role in your life?  We all could use a little more “clarity”.  There are questions that go unasked, simply because someone feels “silly or stupid” to ask another, what something means, or to ask any kind of question relating to comprehending ones understanding of what another is conveying to them.

Webster meaning: 1.  The quality of being clear.  Clearness.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  The answers given when further information is required.  2. requiring an additional explanation, to be clear on meaning and intent of another.  
3.  A moment of peace, which is given, when we work through issues, and the answer is clear.

Clarity is felt by most of us at one time or another, but it isn’t realized, until it hits.  Sometimes, we have issues in our lives, that require more time, energy and understanding.  Clarity provides, just that.  It is the moment of “acceptance” of a situation, accompanied with welcome understanding of an answer.

Clarity also can mean JUST one moment.  What do I mean when I say, “one moment?”  I am referring to that “AH HA” moment Oprah refers to.  One “crystal clear” moment in a series of minutes of time on a clock.  The moment when you have found the solution to a very serious issue. Perhaps it is best thought of as the moment where we finally, “see the light bulb” go off in our head.

Clarity can refer to one asking for understanding.  I feel in today’s world, too many of us, are afraid, or refrain from asking for additional understanding from another who is giving the explanation to a meaning, when we don’t quite get what that explanation is.  In my world, no 
QUESTION, is stupid.  In fact, it has been said, that those who ask for clarity, generally have a greater knowledge and understanding of the world around them, than another who refrains from pursuing further understanding, and it is easy for us to see why.

We may not even be conscious of clarity at work in our lives.  We are searching for clarity, when we see something that catches our attention, but in today’s world,  instead of converse with one another or search (externally) for the answer by asking others for their insight, we converse with our computers and cell phones or (internally) instead.

There are times in our lives, when we all need a quiet, peaceful moment.  If you wish to attain more Clarity in your life, the following suggestions are a good place to start:

1.  if you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ASK!  If you need additional explanation, it is the responsibility in my opinion, of whoever is sharing new information with you, to answer those questions, and when clarity is utilized, both parties, communicate better with one another, because “Clarity” in this situation, requires further”INTERACTION” with the other.

2.  Our lives are busy, with dealing with many things, and sometimes, we have to make big decisions. Utilize a moment of silence for yourself. In this case, I suggest you take “a moment”, picture yourself at the most peaceful place you could be at, and let your thoughts, come to you, instead of chasing after them!  You may find clarity in this quiet moment, that you never expected, because you cleared your mind of outside disturbances or distractions.

3.  Recognize “WHEN” you NEED more Clarity simply by being cognizant of its necessity for you.  To do this, you must first see the value in clarity, and having more of it, will bring PEACE to you over time.  CLEAR your mind, of other thoughts, and find a quiet place to think.

Clarity, is short-lived in today’s world, and I believe we spend too much time, finding our clarity on the internet, (INTERNAL), and this leads away from potential, additional interaction with external communication with others.  Clarity is a true “WISDOM KEY” when we are exploring something we don’t know about, but would like to.  The wisdom key is found in utilizing both, external and internal, always striving for balance in your world.

Never feel bad, if you don’t understand something.  Without realizing it, I ask for much clarity, many times a day.  The more curious we are, the more questions we have, and when they go unanswered, especially from another we care about, it becomes frustrating.

I have decided to make more of an effort, if I have questions, to find the answers, from another, instead of a computer or my I-phone, or use both external and internal ways to get the solution. Clarity leads to more family conversation, even if you don’t know the answer and they don’t either so both, begin interacting to figure that answer out.  In past situations, too often, I have let questions, linger, unanswered in my life, when I needed more clarity.

I was thinking about what the daily wisdom word would be today, and I had a MOMENT OF CLARITY!  Clarity led to this, and if you have questions of any kind, don’t ever be afraid to express them.  Remember:  if you have children, they watch your actions, more than your words, and leading by example is the best way to show your children the way to more clarity in their world.  If your afraid to ask questions, for fear of feeling stupid or ignorant, in some way, maybe you should evaluate the person your asking them to.

  Clarity stops here for me in this writing, and making more effort to get my information from another with a question, is going to be greater, and I hope this helps you in some way by adding more clarity and understanding in your world.  LIFE should be filled with as many “AH HA” moments we can have, living in our world, and CLARITY is the light at the end of any tunnel. 

Remember:  The “WISDOM WITHIN” sometimes lies in the SPACES between our words.   SL

Kindly share your thoughts, questions, and perspective comments on this post, and google +1 below,  it if you enjoyed reading it.  Please pass along to another, if you feel they may benefit from reading it…Thank you, Samantha

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