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COMPENSATION:  Why is Compensation such a Wonderful Daily Wisdom Word?  Take a guess, and its not money!

First, Lets take a look at the Webster Definition of compensation:  1.  To make Counterbalance  2.  To make suitable payment to;  to make or serve as amends.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  A quality within us we have, to adjust, and make up for any physical ailment neurologically, either partially or fully.  2.  A way in which the human body responds to losing a limb or vision or hearing, or anything.  3.  To mentally adjust one thing, creating balance with another.

Compensation is listed under my Wonder Wisdom Words.  Compensation is absolutely amazing…In 2014, The academy awards, nominated and chose the movie, “The Theory of Everything” as the best Motion Picture of the Year.  Stephen Hawking, I believe, meets the criteria of describing “Compensation in Action”.  

Compensation, is the way in which disabled individuals, or mentally challenged individuals make up for something as well.  What is so amazing?  The ability of the Human Mind to do this.  If one is dyslexic, He will learn in his subconsciousness to adjust, his vision to be acute at reexamining his work when writing.  Our human Body will also make up for the loss of some usage of mental capability after a stroke, by activating another part of the brain to Compensate, for the loss.

Mentally, lets say we suffer with depression.  On our good days, we spend them compensating for what we could not do the day before, and if we are super strong, we learn in life, that compensation whether it be temporary or permanent is a part of all of our lives in some way.  Not only with money as compensation for something purchased, but Our mental abilities.  We truly can do ANYTHING if we set our mind to it.

When I say, Compensate, we must leave “Control” out of its definition in certain unique situations. For example, if we are addicted to a drug or an alcoholic, we shouldn’t compensate, but know when NOT TO.  Step one of AA is:  I am powerless over alcohol and my life has become unmanageable.  It is vital we not try to compensate, using self-discipline, for we will never have it in the long run with these types of things.  They already compensated, 1000 times over, for us, when we stopped being able to control ourselves using or drinking or any form of addiction.

What do we do instead?  we need to surrender.  That is a part of using our daily wisdom.  Daily Wisdom is knowing what we are capable of, and when we should use this as a strength, or use our strength by surrendering it to something bigger than ourselves.  In my case, God.

In order for compensation to do its magic, we must “activate it as we would trying to strength a muscle.”  With daily mental resolve and repetition.  Those with will, determination, and balance, and extreme effort, find a way to make up for a loss of an arm, actually learning to do almost the same activities with one arm than they did with both.  

Stephen Hawking, (The theory of Everything) is the true story, about him and his decease, and capability as a physicist.  He is still a professor today, at Cambridge, managing,with his ALS, and has brought so much knowledge and beauty in life.  His decease, (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis  or Lou Gehrig’s Decease), after being diagnosed by doctors, was only given 2 years at most, to live..in the 1960’s, is a miracle in progress, using Compensation, in the highest sense of the word, to survive.

 In the 1960’s in College, and given 2 years at best to live, by doctors, and a brilliant physicist.  He is still alive today, teaching! How did he do this?  He is the perfect example of a human being using compensation, to deal with a horrible disability. Those of you who haven’t seen a wonderful wisdom filled movie, looking for inspiration, this movie is a must-see.

I put the daily wisdom word, Compensation,  and its potential,  in our “toolbox of life”.  We need to know exactly when to use it, and self discipline, must play a part in the activation of compensation.  We need to use many of our other tools in our toolbox in life, for compensation to work at its maximum ability such as will power, self-discipline, and self motivating through affirmations, and determination.  Just when we don’t think we have nothing left to give or use, with these things, a second wind, is found through our faith, and we end up with more than enough and leftovers.  

We are all made so wonderfully and this could only come from God, for within our soul, lies our power, and sometimes power is silent, but we are aware it is there, waiting just in case we need to activate, compensation.  Compensation is a Wonder all by itself, and if used in dire cases, there are many planned miracles that promise us the hope we need to stay on our journey in life…..  SL

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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