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Why are compliments so important to ourselves and others? Let us first take a look at what the word complements actually means in our Webster Dictionary-1. Compliments-Something that fills up or completes. 2. An added word by which a predicate is made complete.


Compliments are so easy to give and give sincerely. How do you give a compliment sincerely to another? You need to look for something you like about that individual and voice this to them. That way, the compliment will be sincere. Compliments are more meaningful to those that get them then those that give them although you benefit as well.


Compliments are simple acts of kindness bestowed to another. Compliments are something that make another person feel good about themselves as long as they are sincere. I can tell or at least think I can when someone is giving me an empty complement without sincerity.


Compliments mean you took a moment out of your day to show an act of kindness to another human being. How good do you feel when someone gives you a sincere compliment? Think about this for a second. This has the power to make your day depending on who it is from.


Compliments feel better receiving than giving. We tend to appreciate all compliments but those that especially mean something to us we don’t forget tend to come from someone we greatly respect. When you think of something nice about another individual, why not say it?


Compliments benefit you as well. Compliments make you feel good when you see the other person react to them. Giving a compliment to another sincerely and seeing them react produces a small amount of endorphins in the brain to the party giving them.


There are many other benefits to giving compliments. One of these benefits include making you feel good about yourself for giving one. This simple act of kindness takes so little on your part so why not today, give a compliment to a stranger, or if you’re not comfortable with that, to someone you know? A compliment has the power to make your day as the giver and make the receivers day as well.


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Thank you so much for reading on compliments today and we will see you here bright and early to read about another Daily Wisdom Word.


We are all “imperfectly perfect” so finding a compliment about another should not be too hard.


Warmest Regards,

Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader


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