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What does congruency have to teach us and what does it mean? Let us take a look at our Webster dictionary and find out first what it means: 1. The quality of agreeing or coinciding with one another.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: The quality of agreeing with one another and doing so completely side by side.


Congruency is a wonderful thing when we can live side by side each other in complete peace but unfortunately that is not always the case. To live in congruency with each other, we would all have to live in agreement with each other and that can’t be possible with human beings having different beliefs. We all have a different belief set that we have had since we were children affected by how we were raised, what our influencing factors believed, and what those influencing factors were.


We live in a world where congruency is possible but only if we allow others to hold their personal beliefs without judgement from ourselves.


We live in a world where we are not currently congruent because we feel our beliefs trump other individuals. Our beliefs and values are no more or less important than that of another’s. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could live in congruency with others and peace and harmony could exist, and yet it is possible.


By learning to respect others for their points of view and stop trying to change those points of view, it would then make it possible for us to live in congruency with one another.

Why do we have so many different belief systems that make this so hard to do?


We all have a certain set of religious beliefs. Some of us are Christians, others Muslim, and yet others are agnostics, atheists, scientologists, Buddhist, and with that many religions alone it makes it very difficult to live in congruency unless we learn how to disagree agreeably and that is where we are all lacking. We feel our way to believe is somehow the right way and it is for us, but maybe not for others.


By accepting this, and learning how to agree disagreeably, we can live in a world filled with congruency.


Thank you as always for reading daily wisdom words. We are all “perfectly imperfect” and by accepting that alone, we will be able to live in a more peaceful, verdant world.


You can connect with me on twitter@samanylize, as well as comment directly below daily wisdom words, here at realistic poetry under voice of the poets and we can discuss this further.


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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