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We all have a connection to each other, whether it be instant, family, indirect, or past.

I think one of the most important, “connection” we experience is the instant one, that immediately clicks or grows over time.  These relationships are, the one where we must leave breadcrumbs beside our footsteps, as we walk the trail, so we are careful, not to follow
this same path in the future, or, make sure that we remember to.

Because these relationships are our landmarks along our journey we must follow their path  “to learn” the lesson in them God would like us to…

Can you think of someone that comes to your mind, “instantly”, when reading this?  This is
probably your husband, love of your life, someone else you love or perhaps your best friend.  There are all sorts of connections, but the most important aspect of “connection” is to realize we have it, with other human beings,and not only, are these connections necessary for human beings to exist,   they are important “because” we will grow by our interaction with these connections, and wide spectrum of emotions they bring.

 I believe that God “uses” these connections, as part of his master plan for each of our lives.
Because each and every one of these interactions/relationships, are all part of our life plan, and therefore we should pay close attention to not only appreciate them for their value, but learn all we can from the experiences we have with every individual that touches our lives, as well as our hearts.

 The “instant connection“,  We’ve all had.  We meet that person, the relationship immediately
flourishes with life, and become part of yours.   You feel as if your completely comfortable with this
person, almost instantly.

 If it is about a love relationship, you may feel “magnetism”, immediately to this person.   It is almost as if, you’ve known these types of connections, at times all your life. You may even feel you “dislike” this person at first, but there is a strong, initial reaction, and intense emotion associated with this type of relationship.

These people we also may feel instantly comfortable around, OR, there is that magnetism or chemistry, we may feel a bit caught off guard with, or even a little uncomfortable around them due to the energy exchange between you both. These relationships usually stay in your life, for a significant period of time, as long as you know them or, until both of you learn your lessons, that are a part of our journey God has planned for us.

often, these relationships turn serious emotionally and are game-changers in our lives, They will be in our lives as long as there is a lesson in the progress of learning for you both or one person may be used as a tool by God to teach the other.

Relationships, whether it be love or friendship like these, are very important, and it is also important we’re as cognizant as we can be in the midst of one, for us to learn what we need to learn. These “types” of relationships will repeat themselves, over and over again until God has taught us the lessons he needs us is to learn.  Sometimes, pain is “necessary” for growth.

 Healing from the pain or losing the joy these relationships bring, when they end, is a powerful and difficult experience, but I believe it does help, when we understand the reasoning behind why we needed to experience the relationship, helps us to cope with the pain or loss we feel when these relationships have served their purpose and must end, because we’ve reached the maximum growth potential of that relationship.

Maybe, your reading this, and you happen to be experiencing the end of one of these relationships or are in the midst of one.  My words, may not help any pain or loss you feel, but in does help to know the memories will always be with you in your heart.

I believe with prayer, and understanding there is a powerful purpose of realizing why you  crossed paths with this person, as the lesson learned lies with the answer.  SL

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