What is a conundrum?  Let us take a look in the Webster Dictionary to get a better idea.

Conundrum-1.  A confusing and difficult problem or question.  2. A question asked for amusement typically with a pun in its answer;  a riddle

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  A state of confusion throwing us in a tizzy because the answer is so complex.

A conundrum is part of the big mysteries in the world.  A conundrum is a problem that leaves us spinning in the head.  It is confusing and we will think on it for long periods of time turning it over and over in our minds trying to figure it out.  It may apply to a riddle or a treasure hunt.  Conundrums can leave us with migraines we think about them so hard.

I have had a few conundrums in my lifetime where I have been so perplexed I haven’t been sure what to do.  Conundrums are like a rubix cube to the mind.  I think the worst conundrum I was in was when it came time to tell my children there was no Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, ETC., I found it so very difficult because both of my children believed there was a Santa Claus so late in life.

I thought of how it might break their hearts to know that reality was on its way.  When you take the fairytale magic out of someone’s life this can put you into a conundrum.  There is no easy way to go about it when your children truly do believe in these mystical ideologies.

Conundrums leave us feeling helpless and at a loss for what to do of this nature.  I finally decided the best way to tell my children was to be straightforward and honest with them.  I set them both down and told them at the same time.  There are many more conundrums in life that are a far bigger riddle than this, but for me, this was my hardest one.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Trusted Member
Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
2 years ago

A woman faces a real conundrum when she is being sexually harassed at work, yet the job means the difference between solvency and destitution. Its a brutal way to have to live.

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