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At what point, do we decide that things are bad enough to get counseling?   When it comes to seeking advice about a problem, needing guidance, or counseling, I have found it is the healthy individuals who seek it.  When your unhealthy, mentally you have no desire to get help for yourself.  Your too caught up in the sickness, and the safety boat to get you out of the water and keep you from drowning, is far, far away.

Before going any further, let us take a look at the meaning of counseling in the Webster Dictionary and also, the daily wisdom words meaning.

Counseling-the provision or assistance and guidance in resolving personal, social, or psychological problems,  and difficulties, especially by a professional 2.  Advice, especially when given formally  3.  Consultation especially to give or seek advice.

Daily Wisdom Words Definition of Counseling-The act of helping another person who is lost, mentally or psychologically,  to be healthy again. 

Can everyone be a counselor?  I don’t agree with this statement.  Often times, giving advice or listening to one well enough to isolate the problem to give advice, is a gift.  I also don’t believe, that everyone who holds a license to counsel, should be a counselor.  Occasionally, we get misguided in what we want to do in life. I have always been told, I would make a good counselor.  

I didn’t agree with this statement when I was younger, as I suffer with depression and anxiety myself,  However, could it be possible that the best counselors are the ones who truly understand what it feels like when we have these issues?  You can be like me, and be in what I call, maintenance mode, where you have your issues under control and are healthy because of this.  

I have the same theory about wisdom.  In order to have it, you can’t have just read its definition, and become a person who has wisdom.  It is best, if you have suffered through similar circumstances, and can share to another how you were able to get past the issues.  Counseling is similar in this way. We always picture a good counselor to be one who gives good advice.  I think, a good counselor is someone who can also be a good, active listener.

What is the difference between listening, and actively listening?  When simply listening to someone, you might have your mind drift a bit. When you actively listen, you participate in the other person’s thoughts by clarifying the meaning behind what they are saying.  

Counseling can be very rewarding if your in it for the right reasons.  If your plan truly is to help individuals, and your heart is in it, you will be a good counselor.  However, if your looking at it as a means to an end, for a purpose that is less than that of good character, you won’t be good at counseling.  Counseling is a sacrificial career, even though you get something back by helping others.  It can also drain you of all of your energy if your not able to shake off or let go of another’s issues.  This issue can become so bad for someone that they end up spending their life focused on others problems, because they are not able to let them go once they have stopped working with them, and tend to drag the other person’s issues into their personal life.  

There is actually an extreme form of this issue when counseling others.  You can begin living vicariously through another’s issues, and manifest them as your own with evidence being this:  You’ve stopped focusing on your own life and are caught up in focusing on theirs.  The problem behind this happening, is that you don’t have enough separate, balanced issues in your own life, where you choose to let go.  

Thanks so much for reading about counseling with me today.  It is just next week, when Neel and I kick off our new page which is a part of the daily wisdom words website, and a service that can be accessed by members only:  Neel and Samantha’s Wise Advice.  We will do this Mon-Thurs. first as a team, and then we will be hosting alternate days, separately.  

The next part of this is the rest of the breakdown of our membership with daily wisdom words, which is just $10 to join, and good for a lifetime.  After that, I would really appreciate your comments, or a poem or quote about counseling as well where it says, “join the discussion”.  Thanks so much, Samantha


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Thanks so much, 

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

Samantha Leboeuf-founder/daily wisdom words, LLC
Founder: Daily Wisdom Words, LLC. I love Poetry and am an Author as well.   There is a lot of meaning in the title of my book, Daily Wisdom Words, Volume l. My previous experience is in Sales and Marketing. Previously, I was in charge of Development through the Marketing and Sales of New Homes' in new home communities for close to 20 years.  I was a licensed Real Estate Broker selling/listing homes in the Colorado market.  While doing this, I hosted a cable network show called, "From Trees to Keys", my portion for Colorado Living Inc.. I enjoyed creating interview questions, working for Developers of New Home Communities, hosting Live on actual construction sites, describing and displaying on television camera various stages of construction as the home was built from start to finish. I interviewed various land developers, New Home Builders, Real Estate Brokers, and other people in the Real Estate Business for one year. Previous Experience: I was licensed through the "Securities and Exchange Commission" as a Principal for Limited Partnerships and sold them as well. I held a Series 22, 63, as well as License, to manage a brokerage firm called a series 39. I enjoyed running a small branch office of an Oil and Gas Company in Colorado for approximately one year. Hobbies: I have always loved Poetry and Writing.  I was declared "Permanently Disabled" due to Breast Cancer and CRPS-(Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome).  I began focusing on my writing. I volunteered for an online poetry community,  "Realistic Poetry" for approximately six months. I decided to start Daily Wisdom Words, LLC after volunteering for an online poetry community and thinking of ways that I would improve this concept and offer something for every KIND of #Writer:  Authors, Bloggers, Poets, Songwriters, Original Quote Creatives, and short story writers. I have two grown children, a son, 33, and a daughter 31,  who lives in Idaho with her husband. They have a son, my first grandchild who will be three years old, soon!  They welcomed their second child, Easton Jay into the world, 5/4//2021. Updates are necessary as my son is now married to my lovely daughter-in-law who is awesome.  She just gave birth to their first son on 5/5/2021, who is so beautiful having the name Logan James Leboeuf. This is her and my son's first child.  Hard to believe their child has a birthday one day ahead of my daughter and son-in-law's second child, Little E.  So exciting!!  I love children! Thanks so much for reading!  We humbly love this community and the members who are part of it. We think of ourselves as a family, and every member makes up part of it.  Please view our website, dailywisdomwords.com fully as it is constantly changing!!  We are always adding new prompts, and new content, and are so very proud to be debuting with our first podcast, "Daily Wisdom Words Podcast."  Episode #101 with Dr. Dream, Kelly Sullivan Walden.  She will be our first guest.  Please watch as it airs 6/12/2021 June 12, 2021 9:00 am pacific time.  Thank you in advance if you are new to daily wisdom words, and welcome to the family. Samantha LeBoeuf
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