What does credence mean?

Let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary to get a definition:  Credence-1.  A belief in or acceptance of something as true

Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  Credence-1.  An acceptance of a thought or idea that is not a known fact. 2.  Credence is a belief of something that is supported by logistics, but not proven.

Creedence lends credibility to something that is not a proven fact.  Credence is like this:  I think there may be life after death, however evidence is not there to support it.  Credence can be thoughts or ideas in which we have good facts to “think” our though is true, but not proof.   However, the one who believes in credence, generally have thoughts, ideas and proof that the credence is true.

Another good example of Creedence is illustrations amongst a poem.  The illustrations amongst poetry lends credibility or credence to the poem.  Every time you write a poem and someone pays you a compliment in regards to it, they are lending credence to this poem.

Another good example of credence is simply looking in the mirror and seeing a reflection back.  This lends “credence” to the fact we are real, but yet, how can we truly prove this when real is a subjective word?  Information about a Credence is often compared to factual information, but a credence is not a fact;  It is a belief.

In the past, what do we have to prove we have one?  If we dig way down in the earth, we find fossils, and caves, and artifacts that “seem” to support we do have one.  However, this is not actual proof.  It is simply evidence.  Credence is the illusion of something real, generally because there is usually evidence proving the credence is real, but not actual proof.  Otherwise, it would simply be a belief.

I would like to see poetry using credence within the contents of the poem.  I have pulled a muscle in my shoulder, so this will not be as long as usual.

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