What is a debacle?  Why is it at times, disastrous?

Let us first take a look at the meaning of Debacle in the Webster Dictionary-debacle   1.  Debacle-A sudden and . ignominious failure;  a fiasco

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Debacle:  1.  A sudden and unexpected breakdown of events that is unexpected, usually ending in disastrous circumstance or failure

Debacles are unexpected.  Debacles are not pleasant events and it seems when a debacle arises, it tends to attract more and more bad things within the event itself.  Debacles can sometimes be funny when we look back on them.   Because they are so unexpected, they hit us from left field.  They tend to be bad experiences that go from bad to worse.

I will use an example of a Debacle I have experienced.  One day, I had a doctor’s appointment.  I had booked this appointment six months in advance.  I was ready to go on time and getting ready to walk out the door, when I could not find my car keys.  When I finally found my car keys, if I walked out the door, I figured I could call the doctor’s office and let them know I was going to be late.  I go to my car, as fast as I can to depart to the doctors office.

I get in the car, and my car wouldn’t start, of all things.  I finally get my car to start.  At this point, I am 15 minutes late.  I call the doctor’s office.  They say they will still accept if I can get there in 15 minutes.  I am so nervous at this point, I am not thinking straight . What happens next?  I get lost, going in circles.  At this point, I am now almost an hour late.

I finally arrive at the doctor’s office and sure enough, they can no longer take me in for the appointment.  This is a clear and concise and embarrassing example of a debacle.

Have you had debacles happen to you where one bad thing leads to a chain of events, ending in disaster?  I would love to hear poems about debacles today!!  These are events that are sudden, unexpected, and ending in failure.

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