What is desire?  Let us first take a look at the meaning of desire in our Webster Dictionary.

Desire-1.  A strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen.  2.  Strong sexual feeling or appetite.  3.  express a wish to someone.

Desire is part of being a human being and a feeling that is so strong, at times, it controls us if we allow it to.  There are many different desires, but I think the desire to be happy, the desire for money and sexual desire are the strongest.  A sexual desire can overtake you and cloud your judgement. I know this because I have been in a relationship where the sexual desire controlled me being able to see what the rest of the relationship.

This relationship was unhealthy mentally, psychologically, and emotionally, but I could not see the truth about these things.  I didn’t realize that sexual desire can be so strong, it can be the thing in control of your decision making.  I was being psychologically manipulated, emotionally abused, and cheated on, but I would not be honest with myself about the truth of the relationship.  This is how strong sexual desire can be.

We’ve all heard that opposites attract.  We were polar opposites, and personality wise as well as mentally, he able to manipulate me because my feelings of love and desire controlled me.  The desire that I held for him to love me emotionally and otherwise, was not reciprocated.  Therefore, he was in control of the whole situation.

I finally got strong enough, that when he dumped me for the umpteenth time, I didn’t go begging as I had so many times before to reverse the situation.  It took a lot of counseling, and me seeing a value in who I am as a person.

Desire can control you, or you can control and direct your desires in a positive direction and that is what I work on daily.  I never want to be in a relationship again, where my desires control me to the point that I cannot see the forest in the trees.

Thank you so much for reading about desire today.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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