How many of us believe in “destiny”?  If you just look at the word itself, interestingly,
it is also a part of the word, “destination”. 

I believe in destiny.  I believe God has a specific plan for each and every one of us, and no one
is more important in his book, than any other.  That is the beautiful thing about, DESTINY.

Ultimately it is the “destination” you end up traveling to when your following the directions
God is showing you.  Many times, we all get off the “path” and some of us, need to follow
his path slowly, because, they have lessons to learn, like myself.

I will share my story with you, and perhaps, by example, I can explain how very important
our “destiny” is, as ultimately, it is determined by the destination we follow, and how many
side paths we take, (mistakes or learning lessons), along the way.

My story starts like this:  I was 18 years old, when I met my first husband.  (notice the word, first).

I married him at 22 years old, and gave birth to our two children in the following four years.

We moved away, from Dallas, which is where my family had landed, to expand a branch office of
the company my ex-husband was working at. 

I decided that I had “just not seen the world”.  I decided, (not God, or me praying to him for guidance) to make a change seven years into the marriage.  We divorced.

We stayed the best of friends raising our children, and I had another failed marriage in the years that
followed.  I truly thought “I created my own destiny”.  Please don’t misunderstand me.  God gives us the power of choice, and goal setting and if you choose to affirm something in your life, you obviously are putting your heart, soul and energy into it.  If your really good, you visualize the destination you ultimately would like to see yourself achieve.

However, these are THINGS, not people and the people we meet in life, and the ones who touch our heart, is a HUGE part of Gods plan.  He wants us to connect, as we crawl, walk or run the path of life God has planned for us, and it is only a prayer away, for you to discover with deep meditation, what and who God wants to see you connect with in life.

Long story short, I ULTIMATELY ended up back in the arms of my first husband.  It took me almost 20 years to arrive at a place after many “detours” to appreciate the way he loves me, and how much, and also, how to “give love back”. 

I am so happy.  I truly “believe” being with him is my destiny, and circumstances, out of my hands, along with much pain, was what it took for me to “correct the course”, or direction I had been taking.

I am following my destiny!  Finally!!  I am so very happy.  I love my partner so much, and he loves me, and I appreciate that in a way, I never could have, without the painful experience of a previous relationship. 

Thank you God, for showing me the way:  Showing me the CLEAR path to my destination on the map, and giving me more than I ever could have hoped for.

With trust and faith, and yes, (sometimes we do get side-tracked along the way) and actions on your behalf taken with love, you will find your way as well.  SL

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