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Why do some people strive consistent for the goals and dreams they have, and they
usually get what they want?  What is it about them, that is different?  Are they are rich, smarter, more gifted, than us? How much attribution do we give, Determination? 

“no” for an answer, should only be spelt “know”, as in, I want to know more. at least not the first time I am told “no” for small things like this.  If I have my mind set on something I want, I go after it, and won’t accept NO for an answer.

I will do whatever it takes to “make it happen”.  Believe me, it pays off, when you have this personality trait should you need little things like this done, or have a sales career, or small goals, big
goals, as your life, is a little easier, not hearing as many “no’s” for THINGS you want in this life.

However, as with most things, there is a flip side to this trait.  Let me start by reminding us of the basics in life:  We don’t control other people, places or things involving manipulation, and this skill
can lead to attempting that type of behavior, so, I must be cognizant of how I use this skill.

I have a rule of thumb:  I use this skill ONLY when getting what I want, doesn’t hurt another person,
or hurt myself, because some of the things I THINK I want, God knows aren’t best for me, and
I am not referring to hotels or restaraunts anymore.  I am talking about situations, involving others

For example, being “determined” can be dangerous to my self preservation when I stay in situations
far longer then I should, because of my determination to make the situation work, for example, a friendship that isn’t healthy or love relationship, or anything involving other people.

Why?  Because, not only do I stay in the situation far too longer than I ever should, I get hurt, or they
do, and whatever is happening, I believe with all my heart, if “there is a will, there is a way”.

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