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We all have negative and positive differences so why do we react at some and not at others?


Let us take a look at the meaning of differences in our Webster Dictionary-Differences-1. unlikeness. 2. Distinction; discrimination; preference. (part.)


Daily Wisdom Word Definition- Differences-1. The uniqueness we as all individuals have or don’t in one area or characteristic or another.


Differences shouldn’t mean anything to us and to some, actually most of us they don’t. We would be lying if we said some differences were not more distinct than others, like someone being extremely beautiful physically and we do a double take or someone who has disabilities, (my hands shake sometimes) and people notice and they do look for a second, but once used to this small difference most don’t even notice.


There are those who have differences that are more distinct and we learn that as we get to know them they are much more beautiful internally than we are and we just don’t notice at first. Sadly, if most of us are honest, it is physical characteristics we notice first and without getting to know someone better and deeper, we can’t see just how beautiful they truly are.


Then there are those of us who discriminate against others differences good and bad. We might decide we don’t like someone and we don’t know why. Evidence shows us we either see they have a quality within ourselves we don’t like, that subconsciously reminds us of ourselves, or they have a quality we do like about ourselves that makes us like them more because we like ourselves. My point is we reflect to ourselves from others what qualities we see in them and compare one way or the other.


It is okay to be different. Daily Wisdom Words is to bring to your attention some of the things we may not ever think about and get us thinking. Look around today and look for someone who has differences that stand out to you. Maybe they are too skinny who knows, because even you have differences and you will see them when you start focusing and judging too harshly other’s differences.


We are all “imperfectly perfect” and it is the. Beauty of our differences that make this so. Thank you as always for reading Daily Wisdom Words and you can find me on Facebook under Samantha Leboeuf, under twitter @Samanylize and also on google plus and here, at Realistic Poetry under the voice of poets. Please leave your thoughts and comments below.


Have a blessed and warm day.


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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