What does dignity mean and why is it important to have in our lives?

Let us first take a look at dignity in our Webster Dictionary–Dignity:  1.  the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect.  2.  a composed or serious manner or style.  2.  inherent value or worth as human beings

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning–1.  the values and morals we inherit that give us respect.

Do you value yourself as an individual?  Dignity is about respecting yourself.  Articles I have read, suggest this isn’t always up to us.  Dignity is developed as early on as early childhood.  Dignity starts off being formed when we are very little and are almost like a mirror.  Everything around us we are absorbing including how others treat us.  This means as a child to develop some of our dignity or worthiness, we will have to have been treated with worthiness ourself to know what that is in adulthood.

I look at myself and think of all the struggles I have been through with dignity.  First,  I think about the last relationship I was in before this one showing me that I somehow lost in the midst of it the belief that I too, deserved to be treated with respect and honor.  In the beginning of it, I thought I deserved dignity.  Towards the end of it, not so much.  This changed because I stayed in the relationship while slowly, through forgiving different events in in such as cheating on me, not showing up for a date, I lost my dignity.

Just because it is ingrained in you as a child, don’t fool yourself into believing you can keep it.  Dignity is part of the human race.  Don’t think slaves felt originally that they were meant to be slaves.  It took a Civil War to prove otherwise.  Care about yourself and who you are.  Dignity is far too valuable as an asset to just throw away for someone else’s idea of who you are and who you should be.

In order to know if your a person with dignity, you need to ask yourself a question.  Do you feel you deserve to be treated with dignity?  Do you feel your a worthy human being?  Do you trust in the fact that just because you treat someone else with dignity, they should treat you the same?  That is not always the case.

Honor plays a role in dignity as well.  Do you honor yourself?  Do you believe others should honor you?  These are questions I would like you to ask yourself today, because if you don’t honor or respect yourself, why should others?  If you don’t have dignity in yourself, how do you change it?

You can start with a basic rewards system.  When you do something you deem as valuable, reward yourself for doing it, especially if it is valuable in the way you treat yourself.

We all deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.  That will not automatically happen.  You have to believe you deserve it and not sacrifice it by sacrificing your beliefs as to how you deserve to be treated from anyone.   Believe me, once you begin to sacrifice your beliefs as to how you should be treated, then you sacrifice your own dignity.

You can always contact me on this website if you have any questions.  Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful and blessed day.




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