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Discrimination, is  a wicked wisdom word.  However, it does,  hold much meaning by its definition,
we need to be aware of.  Wisdom can be found in negative words, as well as positive ones.  We all do our best to learn from our mistakes, and I had to ask myself today, after reading the Webster Definition, of Discrimination, if I had done any “discriminating” in my life participating in gossip so I could be “part of the crowd.

Hearing Donald Sterling, on the news today, “Discriminating and being Racist” brought tears to my eyes and how backward some of us still think.  What is the difference between discrimination and Racism?

First, lets look at the Webster definition: for Discrimination:  1.Distinguish, Differentiate.  2.  To make a distinction in favor of, or against persons or things as compared to others.

Wisdom Word  definition:  To separate, group or isolate certain genders, things, sexual preferences, races and feel it is appropriate to do so.  

Why do some of us feel we are better than others?  Why are we isolated if we are different in some way from the “unspoken normal”, people are a part of,  to insure discrimination happens everyday?  Discrimination can happen with groups of individuals, or judgement of another’s qualities, and gossiping usually involves some “form” of discrimination.  This happens with clicks, or small groups,  feeling they are “DIFFERENT” (okay), but when these people feel thy are ex-clusive, ex-clusion is sure to follow.  (discrimination)

My inspiration for this post came from watching the news and listening to Mr. Sterling’s alleged comments.

He actually had the audacity to claim his mixed race girlfriend was “different” although she was not of the “supreme race”.  She has BEAUTY and YOUTH.

Discrimination happens over THINGS, as well as people.  That is part of the reason the definition of Discrimination is different from “racism” which refers to people discriminating by race.

Some of us feel insecure with who we are, and one reason for this is the propaganda telling us we have to be super skinny and super beautiful, and the social media “discriminates” what is shown on television especially with commercials promoting this. ” We don’t feel beautiful, so we try to surround ourselves with beautiful friends to “substitute”, for this.   We depend on who we are associating or trying to associate with, because they are beautiful, and we want to ” be seen as”, someone popular, so we do our best to be their friend, by “HASH TAGGING” ourselves!!”

We discriminate ourselves, because we do make a “costly choice”, by sacrificing sincerity with security, so some accountability must lie with us when we make these choices.  

“Donald Sterling” is so very wealthy because he “OWNS A TEAM” and has MONEY. Will he get away with this because he has “MORE MONEY” than we do?  (or at least me!)  In my eyes, he is empty and poor. I feel on his last day, as well as mine, it won’t matter what he has in possessions.  He will be judged by God, the only one that has that right.

Donald Sterling could have been discriminated against, when he dated someone of mixed race, and vast age difference between him and his girlfriend.  The public eye is created by us and social media.  Most of us are living modestly.  We won’t cross paths, most likely with one of ” the big boys” like Donald Sterling.

Most of us are also victims of discrimination at one time or another. What does this do for us? What can we learn from his mistake, and what is the lesson in this for all of us?   Most of us, if we are brutally honest with ourselves, have discriminated, or been discriminated against, at some point in our lives.

Guess what?  I, personally have no desire to hang with the “big boys”, (an analogy for the very wealthy), unless I truly like the person one of them is, even if I had the opportunity.

I learned through many mistakes, such as discriminating, when I was young and single.   I would date based on LOOKS myself when I was younger. I discriminated about a specific quality.   I now view this differently, and am certain if I were single, I would choose someone based on who they are, and am lucky to have found a wonderful man who isn’t shallow thinking the way I did.

Discrimination is a sad situation no matter how you view it.  We are all unique, with an internal beauty that shines, all by itself. For example, Charisma.  Charisma is a power from within, and God given or developed.
However, Charisma is REAL and its not about money and its not about materialism.  Perhaps our lesson in all this is to build more confidence in believing in ourselves.  I feel we all should raise our “Awareness level” with what we say and think and believe.

I hope, in all aspects of our life we are able to learn the valuable  lessons through Donald Sterling’s alleged mistake.  I hope, also, that we can be honest with ourselves as to what Discrimination means, and how easy it is to be a part of it.  You are beautiful, amazing, special, and “ONE OF A KIND”.
You can’t “buy” those qualities, and uniqueness is beauty of our own special branding.   SL

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