What does duality mean?  Let us take a look at the meaning of duality in our Webster Dictionary.

Duality-1.  the quality or condition of being dual.  2.  an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something;  a dualism . 3.  The property of two theorems, expressions, etc., of being dual to each other

Daily Wisdom Word meaning of Duality-1.  The two sides we all have as human beings as part of our personality.

Duality is a fascinating daily wisdom word, and the part of the definition I am going to focus on will be the two sides we all have, that sometimes contradict each other and can affect our credibility, but shouldn’t.  For instance, we all have a male and female side to our personalities, some parts more predominant than others.

Can duality exist peacefully in us as individuals?  I believe it can.  I take a look at my little sister for instance.  She can be a complete girly girl, yet put together and assemble things better than I have seen any man do them.  I consider the more logical, masculine side of a personality the male side, and the girlie girl side of a person, their feminine side.  She has both.

She can check the oil in her car and change a tire, yet she spends hours applying makeup on herself, and doing every eyelash she can with even and perfect separation.  She lives in a constant state of duality and I believe most of us do.

I also have a dual side to myself that contradicts one another but manages to live cohesively with one another.  I can be neat and orderly in one capacity, such as when I am working, and have an immaculate bedroom I can destroy with clothes strung out everywhere with another aspect of who I am.

I believe duality lives within all of our personalities and can co-exist but also clash with one another, with these two sides to each of us.  It is up to us to help them both get along and live cohesively.

Thanks so much for reading about duality today.  You may have two sides of yourself and two opinions about this post.  Use duality to grow as an individual with all your talents to strengthen them daily!  You will find if your aware of your duality within, this is very possible and your the only one that can make this happen.  Duality is a strength within your personality so enjoy it as such.

Thank you for reading about duality today.  I hope this helps you recognize your strengths, weaknesses, and overall personality and character.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW


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