Have you ever gotten involved with someone in a friendship, relationship, or in business dealing, who’s whole character was based on Duplicity?  Duplicity is the masking of truth.  Duplicity is the art of being a master of disguise and deception.  

Daily wisdom words is based, on maintaining and enhancing truth, light and love.  Sometimes to better understand the truth, we have to understand its polar opposite:  Deception, and yes, duplicity, is a very deliberate antonym to the truth we all search for with ourselves and others.

Let us take a look at the good old dictionary which describes this wisdom word the best.  Why do I call “duplicity, a “wisdom word” at all when it means all of the following?

  1. 1.
    deceitfulness; double-dealing.
    synonyms: deceitfulness, deceitdeceptiondouble-dealing, underhandedness,dishonestyfraud, fraudulence, sharp practicechicanerytrickery,subterfuge, skulduggery

Because, sadly, in order to be a wisdom filled person, we must be aware of the good and the bad.  Our natural ability is to want to help others.  However,  if we are experiencing hard times, “we may attract” the kind of person, we are not, and our normal boundaries and instinct may be off kilter.  

I hope and pray our lives are based on the truth not only with others, but self-truth, which is where honesty begins.  Please don’t confuse the occasional “white lie”, we all as humans have told from time to time, with a heart filled with good intentions and honesty.  Fortunately, most of us our doing our best in life, to love one another, having thriving relationships with friends and loved ones.  I “assume” for you to be reading this post, you are doing your best to grow, which leads to us being the best we can be.

However, we, in time will eventually run across the “One bad egg in six dozen good ones”.   In a healthy state of mind, we will be able to see through much of this deception, or our #intuition will give us “that feeling” when meeting them.  However, IF we are suffering emotionally, and going through a difficult period in our lives, we may have been deliberately fooled by another who you had a relationship with, and only when it was over, did you realize exactly who you were involved with.   Pray for these people.

Our goal in life?  “Anticipate”  the best in others, and expect the best from ourselves.”  “Part of expecting the “best”  for each of us, is recognition of what that is and this varies with each of us”.  Remember, however, naivety is what draws the fine line of believing in boundaries with others as well as goodness”, mistakenly.  , although we are almost “always” rewarded with like kinds of people in our life,  “unless” we are experiencing difficult circumstances.  Our boundaries may be “skewed”.

There is goodness in most others, and love is what we have in our hearts to give, and in turn, receive, three-fold, because we love without judgement at our healthiest emotional state.

I deliberately picked such an elaborate word, because “duplicity” comes from a person who deliberately sets out to hurt you or, just doesn’t care if they do.  These people, “enjoy” fooling or tricking you, and the healthier we are as individuals mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, the less we will ever come across these deviant members of society which account for approximately 3% of our population.   If we do, a warning bell will go off, warning us there is something “off” with the other person.

 I would not be sharing wisdom through mistakes without admitting I not only know, but have been involved with, in the past, someone who was full of pulling the wool over my eyes, as well as others.  “The kinder your heart, the more you will attract in life, people of goodness”. Along with this good, due to the balance life and human nature and God allow for, we may be more susceptible to attracting that “bad egg”!

If we are going through a struggle in life, and our souls are feel lost and lonely, we are potentially susceptible to unhealthy individuals .  What makes duplicity so dangerous, is the pathological lying that accompanies this, and these unhealthy individuals who are “clothed” in sophistication, and believe their own lies.   Why?  Because they are “pathological liars”, and very good at telling us what we want to hear, as they can “sense” our vulnerabilities.  Another reason they are so capable of duplicity, is they are usually successful individuals, and “clothed with a costume of sophistication”.

Wisdom words of caution for the good souls filled with light which account for most of us, because these narcissistic, people can spot our weakness in our life, and feed upon it, to bring light to their dark souls, and when we are having catastrophic changes in our lives, we are susceptible to them.  I ignored my “intuition” when I chose to get involved with this person.  

Why?  Because he caught me at the perfect time, when I was the most depressed over my health.

These people suffer with an “emptiness” within, and they feel no guilt when hurting others.  They are masters of conniving others, and actually “learn appropriate reactions to emotions, by studying our responses to them.  After being involved with a sociopath, (non-violent), I couldn’t believe his ability to feel nothing whenever he wasn’t pretending to be sympathetic.  You will never win with these people, so be careful when you are at a vulnerable 
place in your life.

I needed to understand, so I read, and the information in this post is the result of that and counseling, helped me understand that I met him at a time when I had just been diagnosed with breast cancer and suffering with other issues.

Part of my healing was understanding the duplicitous person, which in turn, helped me to understand myself.  

Most of us, are good, and some of us better than others, because of the effort put into being a better person, and we all need wisdom filled hearts, with love without judgement, 99% of the time.  However, when experiencing difficult periods in our lives, our boundaries, and lines we draw, can become skewed, especially when the duplicity in one we meet is so well disguised.

Regardless, praying, faith, and God, will always lead us to our own truth and love without judgement, and through self-growth, we can be and attract, the goodness we are filled with.  SL

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