What is Eloquence and why is it so important in today’s world? Let us first take a look at its meaning in the Webster Dictionary.

Eloquence-1. Fluent or persuasive writing or speaking 2. Having or showing clear or forceful expression 3. Clearly showing some feeling or meaning.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-Eloquence-Using persuasion and class to speak and write when dealing with others.

Eloquence, in a world of technology is more important than ever to have as a skillset. Eloquence is the difference between being in front of an audience and using such skills as class, attention methods such as using non-verbal communication to get your points or speech across, and using enduring words to operate with it, or standing in front of the audience reading your speech from a piece of paper with no expression.

This is what makes eloquence so absolutely necessary from a professional standpoint.

From a personal standpoint, eloquence is very important, because it requires using tact to deliver a message to others. It could be the difference between you making your point to your other party verses having them simply nod as if they are receiving the message.

Eloquence is not only the words you choose to deliver your message, but it is also the “how” in which you deliver it with. Eloquence is about having class in the way you not only deliver a message, but the way you carry yourself when delivering it.

Eloquence does not have to be loud or obnoxious; in fact, it is the exact opposite. I know in the past, when I have had to get up on stage and deliver a speech, I would and have always tried to deliver it with eloquence not only to keep the audience’s attention, but also because it is the first impression I am leaving them with, as well as the last. It is the difference with my audience walking away, thinking they liked what they heard and heard it, verses them walking away thinking I have no tact or delivery method when giving a speech.

For me to have eloquence, I must be very familiar with all forms of vocabulary and how to use these words. This is what I love about daily wisdom words. I feel I do my best to deliver all my messages with eloquence. If you were to mix wisdom with words, you would certainly use eloquence to finish it off.

Thank you for reading about eloquence today. I look forward to you posting your poems on my website utilizing the word, eloquence. Remember: https://dailywisdomwords.com takes you straight to the webpage and you will see the link, submit your poetry. I retain no rights to your words or copyright intentions so feel comfortable knowing your work is safe. Have an “eloquent” conversation with someone today as well. It can never hurt to add a little eloquence to your life from a business or personal standpoint.

Feel free to post on twitter as well @Samanylize if that works better for you or on facebook under my page, dailywisdomwords.org.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBeouf

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