How do our EMOTIONS affect our life?  Emotions, can be beautiful, like natures surroundings, full of color and expression, and emotions, are a part of who we are.

Let us take a look at the meaning of EMOTIONS in the Webster.

Webster Meaning:  1.  Strong feelings  2.  any specific feeling as love, hate, fear, or anger.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  our feelings, EXPRESSED such as love, anger, jealousy, rage, or gratitude.  2.  An internal response to something that moves us in some way we feel within.

Emotions can control you.  Emotions are very powerful.  If you are like me, and very sensitive, you tend to wear your heart on your sleeve.  Emotions, can control you, like love, passion, jealousy, or fear.  I also verbally express what I am feeling, and expect the same from others.  However, everyone is not the same, especially with something like Emotions.

“Without emotions, we would be robots, in life.  Some of us, are very emotional, but by being hurt in some situation, have learned to hold back with what they feel.  These individuals appear to be cold at times and callous, but it is all just a mind barrier developed from negative experiences with others, and their emotions getting hurt that are feelings strong enough to build a wall, between expression, and external safety.”

Emotions can define us.  Emotions can be so powerful, they can change life events forever.  Passion and love are just two of them.  Emotions are like a rainbow, ranging with light to dark colors, but all beautiful or necessary in their own way.  Emotions, can be the movement in your world that changes the course of your life.  We do have some control over our emotions, and those that don’t, if hurt, vow to never allow it again, hence, the wall they build as protection never to feel them again.

When I look back on my life, one of  the strongest emotions I felt, were “wonderment and amazement, combined with love, the first time each of my two children were placed in my arms.”  The feelings were so strong, my mind was confused how to express them, so they all came out at once, crying, happiness, fulfillment, and love and God, I felt so strongly was in the room right beside us.  Each emotion, sprawling into the next, and until that moment, I thought love had to take root and grow. I experienced love with a whole new enlightenment and felt the deepest meaning in my life, emotionally.

Not the case, when having your child placed in your arms for the first time.  The love is overwhelming.  I think then of broken relationships.  I feel so much growth took place with the emotions felt at that period of time.  The hurt and pain, and yes, the deceit, never so strong as in my relationship with one just two years ago…

I think of the relationship I am in now, so very different, including the emotions I feel.  I have a great amount of love for him, I trust him, and things are finally peaceful.  I needed someone in my life who could provide the emotional security I need, which is different with everyone.  What “emotion” would you like to see more of, in your relationships?

Ask yourself, what emotion it is you would like to see more of from those in your life, and the answer will be telling about who you are.  Some of us are on that journey of figuring out who they are, (myself, still one of them), and it is my emotions that led the way with me on each path I have taken.  

The most wonderful  and strongest emotion I have felt, has been when I feel the presence of God.  I have had my wall up, antenna down, but when I let the wall down, and listen quietly, or write, I feel God by my side, dictating my words.

That is the moment, I begin to type, and write something I would read.   I believe, every gift, is God Given.  To further explain emotions, and their direct effect on us, I will identify three different types of EMOTIONAL CARRIERS, and you can decide which category best suits who you are.  This will then tell you more about you, and how sensitive you are to emotion.

Type 1-The Thinker:  The Thinker, thinks things, he doesn’t feel them.  These individuals have emotions, of course, but they are secondary to logic.  He or she will use logic first, and emotion second.  There will be a plan, well thought out for their life, and when veered off of their course, the thinker, then responds with emotion.  He is no longer in full control of his emotions, and frustration at something or someone who doesn’t fall into his or her plan, causes him to be angry, or remote and distant with loved ones.  

The Thinker is one who gets a birthday or Christmas card off well in advance of the date.  Drama is not something attractive to the thinker.  In fact, when seeing drama or experiencing a relationship with another who is dramatic, he will find himself lost in the woods trying to use logic to understand the situation and interaction.  These situations and interactions, bring growth ultimately to the thinker, and that is what life is all about.

The Thinker is best served to be with the Emotionally Empowered, or Emotional Magnet to balance them out.

Type 2- The Emotional Magnet:  The Emotional Magnet, is a logic seeker, who tends to attract those who’s worlds are controlled by emotions, for type 2, the Emotional Magnet, completely understands, comprehends and sometimes feels emotions, deeply, but they are people who are outside looking in when experiencing them, so logic is intertwined with emotion most of the time.  These individuals are the ones who are our Psychologists in life, and they spend much time explaining to Type 3’s what their emotions mean, and guiding them on how the best way to deal with them in their relationships.  These are the insightful, or intuitive individuals who find themselves fascinated with emotion, and able to understand each one, almost a specialist of them, UNTIL they experience them personally.  They are NOT in control of their emotions, should they become emotionally involved with the Thinker.  Why?  Although “logic may rule their thinking” they feel deeply when they finally get involved with one, and are always trying to get the thinkers to feel what they are NOW experiencing first hand.  

They begin seeking out advice from Type 3’s to deal with emotional issues, good and bad and that path they laid out for themselves is much more flexible then the thinkers paths are, so they bring compromise to the table.

Type 3-Emotionally Empowered:  These individuals are very interesting.  They don’t have a “specific path” laid out.  They are just as the name sounds, emotionally controlled.  Decisions are based on how they FEEL, not THINK.  They are the artists, creatives, poets, and criers, always trying to gain control over their emotions, but in the end, emotions come first when making any decision. 

 Some of these individuals are very successful, because it is them, that follows a path, naturally, and this leads them to their passions.  If they do what they feel most passionate about, and love, they are always at the top, of the list, in success.  However, without a TYPE 1, somewhere in the influencing ones that they consult, they would make the most hasty decisions, sometimes leading them in the wrong direction.

Some of them are lost, especially when hurt, for they cannot cope with emotions, more than they already do being ruled by them in decisions with their life.

All three types of Emotional Individuals, are needed to interact with one another, so that they can achieve the balance necessary to live a happy life.  

Some of us fall in the middle of three categories.  Which Type are you?  Are you “The Thinker, the “Emotionally Magnetic, or Type 3, the Emotionally Controlled?

Emotions play a huge role in our lives, and without them, we would be nothing but computers ourselves, and that is why it is so vital we remain interactive with others, instead of a computer, or kindle or Text to communicate for us. Computers are great, texts, kindles, but remember it is through the “EXPRESSION OF EMOTIONS” we develop who we are, and who we can be or who we choose to be.  

“Remember, there is Wisdom within the Words, and also, in the spaces between them.”  SL

Kindly share your thoughts, and perspectives, or any incident that you’ve had, which applies to the daily wisdom word…. or Please click on Google+1 if you like, and share it with another if you think they might enjoy it…

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