What does endeavor mean and why is it important that we take an endeavor on here or there?

First of all, let us take a look at the daily wisdom word, Endeavor and its meaning: Endeavor-1. an attempt to achieve a goal.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: 1. The same as above

Endeavors are feats we attempt to achieve. Endeavors are goals we set for ourselves. Endeavors are the basis for all winners as they must have a strategy of some sort to achieve greatness. Endeavors are the actual attempts to achieve a goal.

For instance, I have a fitbit. This fitbit inputs food intake, calories eaten, steps taken, and if my endeavor is to lose weight, that is also my goal. Endeavor is the attempt set forth to achieve this goal. Do you have endeavors you would like to achieve?

I know I do. Endeavors are the footprint set forth to achieve a goal. Everything inputed in that fitbit is part of an endeavor to achieve the goal of losing weight.

I have had plenty of endeavors in my lifetime. The attempt to achieve goals that I did or did not achieve. I notice when I have endeavors planned, if I put all of the facts necessary to achieve it, I get closer to my endeavors. This is to say that I have planned my goals well and will most likely reach my endeavor if I try hard to make it happen.

There are Two different types of Endeavors and here are their definitions:

First we have the human endeavor. When you endeavor to do something, you try hard to make it happen. A determined student might endeavor to get straight As on her report card. Albert Einstein wrote this quote. “The ordinary objects of human endeavor, property, outward success, luxury-have always seemed to me contemptible”

Now this is just one opinion, but I felt it important to include his quote.

There is another type of Endeavor called Academic Endeavors which are the University’s colleges and halls being an integral part of the University’s educational program and the goals set forth for the students.

There are also future endeavors which falls under the category of human endeavors. (My husband is helping gather information for today’s daily wisdom word, so forgive me if it is a bit out of order.) Future endeavors are goals we set for ourselves or others for the future and can be planned as you get closer to the endeavor itself.

Thank you for reading about endeavors today. Try a few of your own. Set goals forth, and plan your destination on how you are going to achieve it. Set goals for yourself, and how you plan on getting there. Endeavors are exciting and we don’t often think of the word being associated with goal setting but it is.

Thank you for reading about endeavors today. The community corner page is done. It will be online any day now. I understand people are having trouble registering. We are working on this glitch as we speak.

Thank you so much for reading and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf
Samantha@daily wisdom words email address

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Quelly013 (@guest_557)
2 years ago

Endeavors line up the wall
Awards prizes
I won them all
Older now time for change
Goals differ now
life is not the same
Reaching endeavors
easier now
Smaller and simple
no sweat on brow
Little things I do
the daily tasks
No rush to finish
Nothing fast

Sheila Mc (@guest_553)
2 years ago

Endeavours endure
Wild storms, calm seas, enemies
When planned port can be docked.
Sheila Mc

Endeavour … To reply to daily wisdom quick as ????????????

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