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What does enlightenment mean?  While we are all making our New Year’s resolutions, this is an invaluable word to look at.  First let us take a look at the meaning of enlightenment in our Webster Dictionary.

Enlightenment:  1.  The action or state of attaining, or having attained spiritual insight, in particular, that which frees a person from rebirth as defined in Buddhism.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  1.  embarking on a spiritual journey to grow within one’s self spiritually.

First of all, this post is not to deter you into any form of religion.  Religion is different from enlightenment.  Enlightenment, for my definition, is simply a decision one makes to grow spiritually and retrieve a higher level of consciousness of what they do believe and to develop that belief.

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year is to become more enlightened.  We all make them.  Your resolutions are probably a lot like mine or maybe not.  I have decided I am going to lose weight, and I have decided to turn myself and will over to God.  Over the past years, having the illness that I do, Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, I have come to a point where I am tired of being tired.  I want to also become more independent.

These changes of losing my independence have been partially because I haven’t been able to do some of the things I rely on others to do, but also because I have created a habit pattern.  Change does not come around overnight, and spiritual enlightenment doesn’t either.  To become enlightened, you must be prepared to look at all spiritual options, and that takes time.  I have this time, or at least some of it.

Enlightenment is about pursuing a new journey on a spiritual path.  It is not about religion although it can include investigating the different type of religions as part of its path.  What are your resolutions this year?  Define and outline them.  Think of what ways you will pursue them, and determine your plan of action in motion.   Thank you so much for reading about enlightenment today.  May God bless you with peace and happiness today.

Samantha LeBoeuf/DWW

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