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How does enthusiasm affect your life?  Let us first take a look in the Webster Dictionary to see exactly what enthusiasm means

Webster Dictionary Definition-Enthusiasm-1.  strong warmth of feeling;  keen interest, fervor  2.  A cause of fervor 1.  intense and eager enjoyment, interest or approval

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Enthusiasm-excitement and intense interest in what one has as a subject matter when sharing with another.

Enthusiasm is very important in today’s world.  Enthusiasm is the difference between delivering a message with feeling and intensity or delivering it bland and boring.  Enthusiasm is a quality that is not only important in public speaking, but it is important as a quality you contain in yourself for anything your interested in doing.  If you don’t have enthusiasm for the work you do, or for your hobbies, it probably would be better if you did something else.

We share our enthusiasm with others.  I have been completely disinterested in something and had someone describe this same thing with such enthusiasm and hype, I found myself taking an intense interest in it after they were finished sharing this subject with me.

Enthusiasm is a contagious!  Enthusiasm, when doing public speaking is the difference between a boring speech and an exciting, interesting one.

Enthusiasm is not something you can create.  It has to come from inside yourself along with passion for whatever your doing.  We cannot fake enthusiasm.  We either have it or we don’t.  Enthusiasm is what gets us up out of bed in the morning, and gives us that little push inside to do whatever it is we are enthusiastic for.  Enthusiasm for example, is the workout we find most exciting and interesting to ourselves.  We cannot fake enthusiasm, but we can create it.

Enthusiasm is the oomph and excitement behind doing something we are passionate about.  Enthusiasm, if it is missing in whatever it is we are doing, makes for a boring ride.  It is very hard to get motivated about something we are not enthusiastic about.  If we are lacking in enthusiasm, it is probably best whatever we are doing, we try something new that we are enthusiastic about.

Have you ever seen someone who is enthusiastic describe what it is they like to do verses someone simply relaying the information to you about what it is they do?  There is a huge difference in the way we deliver the message.  Enthusiasm doesn’t just take passion;  it takes a genuine interest and fervor for what we love.  We almost always find enthusiasm when we are doing something we love.  It just comes natural.

Have you ever heard someone describe another and use enthusiasm as the adjective they choose to use to describe this person best to another?  It makes all the difference in the world that watching someone who is describing another as bland and monotone in personality.

I feel fortunate in that way.  When people describe me, they commonly use enthusiastic as an adjective.  Enthusiasm does have its drawbacks.  For example, if I am so enthusiastic about something, I may not be able to describe it to others objectively.

Are you enthusiastic about what you do in life?  Do you have a genuine excitement and fervor for your hobbies and work?  If you don’t share enthusiasm with others, it becomes less powerful so always share whatever it is with others that your enthusiastic about.

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Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf

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Thank you Samantha for all your support.

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