Our Daily Wisdom Word today is Epoch. How does Epoch play a role in Poetry?


Let us first take a look at the meaning of Epoch and I will explain why.


Webster Dictionary Meaning-Epoch-Extended Period; Era, age. A period of time or history or a person’s life, typically one marked by notable events or particular characteristics. 2. the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of someone or something.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Epoch-A particular period of time in history or a person’s life.


This week, all of my daily wisdom words have come from an article titled “top 32 most beautiful words in the English Language and Epoch happens to be word number 7 on this list.


How does Epoch play a role in Poetry? Poetry is known in history to have different Eras or time periods. Poetry began as early as the 1500-1670 starting with the Renaissance (English) era or epoch. This is the epoch of William Shakespeare and we all know how famous his poetry was, especially,Romeo and Juliet in 1597 as well as a poem titled, “Elizabeth”. Edmund Spenser was also in this era or epoch. He is famous for the literary piece titled The Faerie Queen (1590).


We also have John Milton who wrote “Paradise Lost” is 1667.


Next, There is an Enlightenment period or epoch period of poetry from 1700-1800. Also, during this time period, we have the Realism Period of Poetry and each of these Eras or Epochs are marked by famous poets such as Thomas Hardy and George Elliot.


The Romantic Era was 1798-1870 marked by Mary Shelley (Frankenstein 1818) Then we have the Victorian Era which was 1817-1901. Robert Browning Wrote his greatest works during this Era or Epoch. Charles Dickens was born in 1812, so he did the majority of his work in the Victorian Era. Ralph Waldo Emerson also did his writing during this era.


Daily Wisdom Words isn’t long enough to cover much more than this but Epochs are not only marked by the time periods in years but also the time periods of the Authors themselves. All fall under the definition of Epochs.


We then have the types of poetry such as story telling poetry. This type of poetry generally is telling a story that involves a time frame of some kind which could also be considered pieces by Epoch. There was so much information that I could not get all of it in writing for this piece but I think you all get my point. Each Author has an Epoch and Each time Era has one so this daily wisdom word applies to Poetry very much so indeed.


More epochs include Realism, Existentialism (1850 until today) and so many more epochs I can’t include anymore but I truly did my best.


There is so much more information but at least you can understand fully the definition of Epoch and why it plays such a role in Poetry.


Thanks so much for reading daily wisdom words today. I took on a big project here today, so now its your turn to write your Quotes, Poems and verses using today’s daily wisdom word. Please follow me on twitter at Samanylize@twitter.com or on facebook under daily wisdom words or my name, Samanthaleboeuf@facebook.com or at realisticpoetry.com/communitypage/members and you may post your poems or quotes directly beneath this post or on twitter.com and I will be watching for them in the late afternoon. Since I am writing this at two a.m., I would not expect my best work! I have appointments tomorrow, but will be looking for your posts late afternoon, on.


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader

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