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Why is equanimity so important and what does this word mean?  Let’s first take a look at the dictionary and define the word.

Equanimity-1.  Mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of equanimity-Composure of one’s emotional feelings or strong feelings that normally we would lose our control with and were strong enough not to allow this.

Equanimity is extremely important when we face difficult situations in life that cause us to feel under pressure.  It is also hard to be mentally calm, when we get devastating news when we need more than ever to use equanimity or restraint for other people that are feeling horrible if we lose someone close to us.

I have a hard time with Equanimity, and exercising it when it is most important.  I am high strung, and recently we received news that my sister has oral cancer.  I had a bad feeling about it when she began treatment, and wasn’t able to finish the radiation treatment called for to cure it.  She found herself with thrush in her mouth, a throat so swell to the point she couldn’t even swallow water.

Her exact words to me when this:  “Samantha, I would rather die instead of living dead every day in complete misery”.  A month passed, and her doctor ordered a pet scan.  I had a terrible time controlling my feelings and emotions after she quit the radiation and I was so close to losing it and crying instead of equanimity.  I was anything but calm while we found out the pet scan showed an “uptake” or activity in the tongue or mouth. I panicked when We received this news.

Her doctor biopsied the tongue again, shortly after this and the cancer had spread worse than ever, with evidence it was growing within her tongue and the only option the doctor has is to remove the tongue and a plastic surgeon would be on standby to rebuild a new tongue with other tissue from her hip.

For me to be calm about this as serious as it is when talking with my sister has been so difficult.  I hope that whomever is reading this will place my sister, Jen in her prayers as she continues down this path only able to go “through” the other side of this, instead of jumping the hurdle and having it behind her.

Equanimity is more important than ever for me to maintain right now, and I must be calm for my sister and mother’s sake.  This requires strength I pray I have.  On a more positive note, I have definitely given you enough information to fully understand equanimity.  Thank you as always for reading.  When your finished, scroll down beneath this post and leave a comment, poem or quote about equanimity and let us know about your temperament and if your able to exercise equanimity easily.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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