What does eternity mean to you?  Eternity is a fascinating wisdom word because none of us knows when it will happen or if ever.  Let us look at the Webster Dictionary of Eternity:  1.  Infinite or unending time.  2.  immortality

Daily Wisdom Word Definition:  1.  The end of time as each of us knows it to be based on our beliefs, religious and spiritual.

Eternity is the ending based on how we believe it to be.  Eternity is the end of time on whatever clock we operate off of that stops and continues on.  It is the belief system that ties into our spiritual beliefs especially.

If you don’t believe in God, your eternity is probably when your physical being ends although you believe the world ends when the rest of us do.

If you believe as I do, then eternity is forever because our lives go on after we depart from this life, and we go to Jesus, and live an eternal life through our belief in him.  I truly believe this will be the never-ending for me, and I hope and know I am right just giving a personal opinion that I believe strongly in.

What does eternity mean to you?  Daily Wisdom Words is designed to make you think.  This is probably a subject that you haven’t thought of in a while, but I am asking you when your reading this today to think of it.  Really think about what you believe and how your religious beliefs cross over into your beliefs about eternity.

Eternity may have a definition, but ultimately it is you that decides what the ultimate meaning is.  A lot of what you believe about eternity is a belief system many times passed down from your family.  If they believed that eternity was tied to religious beliefs and when our physical being departs from here, so does our spiritual to go onto a higher plane with Jesus and live forever lasting life, this is likely to influence your opinion.

Ultimately there is another way to believe about eternity and that is reincarnation.  Many people believe we keep coming back to this earth as different individuals until we get it right although for me, it does not appear to be in this lifetime, so I will continue onto eternity forever if I don’t ever figure out the answers.

Thank you for reading about eternity today.  I will be interested to hear your poems involving eternity and your belief system.  Please share them with us on this page under community poetry so everyone gets a chance to read.  Thanks so much for reading today, and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Remember this website is under construction so be patient with it.  The next page you will see come online is called, “community corner” and it will be an interactive page for you and I to exchange ideas.  I am so excited for the future of Daily Wisdom Words!

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Samantha Leboeuf

Daily Wisdom Words


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Sheila (@guest_180)
3 years ago

His gaze held hers. Trapped.
Ten years … an eternity,
When happiness leave’s

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