How strong is your faith, and what/who do you place your faith in?

If, your first instinct is to answer yourself, I ask you to re-evaluate everything you believe in, OR, Don’t.  When we stop being open to new ideas, we stop growing, inside.

There is the Webster meaning of “faith”, and there is my definition.  Before I share what I believe, I by no means, believe, I have all the answers.  I have an opinion, but I do know, in my heart, that something much more powerful than me, I call God, lives within me, and he, is my inspiration behind my daily writing.  My number one hope with this writing, is that someone will have FAITH in these daily words, and will feel better because they read them, or gain some insight or perhaps a new perspective with anything they may be struggling with. 

FAITH      =       Fostering   Adornment    In    The   Heavenly

This is my acronym for faith.  Worshiping.  Remembering who is first, in our lives, our creator.

I have been in some pretty scary situations in my life, and without faith, there is no way I would not have been overwhelmed with fear!  For instance, financial difficulties……..Every bit of the worry I placed in wondering, “how will I pay this”?  I’ve found, is all a waste of time, as long as I am doing everything Humanly possible, rather than worry, I have faith.  I do, foster adornment in the heavenly by praying.

I know for all of us, what we can see, smell, touch, taste, hear;  those are things we have “evidence” of, that are real.  Have you ever seen a magic show and watched a great magician pull off a trick, and you wondered, how did he do that?  What I SAW, was certainly different.  HOW did he pull that off?

God, I believe, operates in a similar way, but he is so much more important then a magician’s trick.

He is everywhere, and everything, he is the past, the present, the future, and what we stand on every day, and who we are, was all created by God.  I truly feel so sorry for those who don’t believe or have faith in anything bigger then themselves.  I have found, the more “scientific” ones background, the more difficult it is, for them to have faith.  Again, they SEE how things work, on a scientific level.  Who ever said, God didn’t create science?  There are many famous scientists that believe, the way the world was created, goes hand in hand with the Lord.

Life can be so very lonely at times.  Most of us, have felt down or depressed from time to time.  I only ask you, to remember this:  It is hope and faith and the possibility of change, that restores our mindset when we are feeling “out of control” of our tiny place in this world.  Guess what?  We are not in control of what happens, when it happens, what odd surprises pop out from time to time, when something happens we least expect, or how it happens.  We just think we are. 

There are no coincidences in LIFE.  If you read the other Wisdom Word posts I have written, they tie in with this one.  In other words, I have faith that someone out there, will not just read this post, but they will find it interesting enough, to read the others.  I have FAITH that God has me writing for a reason. 

I lost my career, and for a little while, about a year, I lost my faith.  I thought there was nothing productive I had to offer this world or nothing productive I could do to feel good about me.  It is also important, we have faith in our abilities, but what is more important?  Using those abilities to help others, and Most important?  Remembering who gave those abilities to us:  God

We first, and foremost, have faith in where those abilities, came from.  God…He, through a series of surprise twists and turns, took me in this direction.  I hope, what your reading offers you, just that! HOPE, and FAITH, and when your prayers are answered, remember to Foster adornment in the Heavenly:  in other words, thank the Lord, for all the good in your life, and change your “perspective”, on the bad things that happen to all of us.  There is always a lesson to learn from those bad things.  Learn it.  Live life to the fullest, and be prepared for the fact that you aren’t in “control”.

Just when you think, nothing will fix where your at or what the problem is, some miracle happens, and it is fixed.  Believe.  Please, have FAITH.  SLA Wisdom Word for your day

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