Who is your family?  Today was my mothers birthday, and I had a special birthday dinner for her, and I worked very hard, making everything as special as I could, because if anyone deserves a special birthday, it would be my mother.  I wanted her to feel as special as she makes all of us in the family feel, on a daily basis. 
Family…To myself, other than God, there is nothing more important in this life than the connections and bonds we form as a family. 
How do we strengthen those bonds?  I have worked very hard raising my children to believe that families, stick together.  When life gets tough and rough, or something major happens that affects the family, they are a unit, working together to get through the crisis with love, worship and compassion.

 We have all heard the saying, there is more strength in numbers.  A family should respond to hard times, together, with each individual contributing their specific “way to love”, as an individual, giving whatever part of themselves to their family, which, after all, is what family
 is all about, Right?

Things happen in this life.  A birthday, sharing holidays, today, my daughter also set a wedding date, things, like that, and yes, birthdays, death, new life, family expansion, but most importantly, we need to treasure each and every moment we get to spend together because, those moments, are what I’ve named the “Kodak Moments”.  The moments you want pictures of, like today.  the moments that we don’t ever get to redo over again, so give whatever you can, when you can.
My mother is so special.  She touches everyone’s heart, on a daily basis. Birthdays, in my opinion, are the one day you get permission to be as selfish as you desire, and she isn’t even selfish on her birthday.  She will give you anything she is able to, including, advice, and she is a wonderful listener.  God made her a wonderful Matriarch for my family.  I adore her and admire her gratefully.
We learn from our families.  I learn, from her.  She lost my father, almost two years ago.  After he passed, she shocked us all, and began flying after not being on a plane in 30 plus years.  She, survived;  However, I wondered if she would have been as able to adapt as well as she did, and get through the pain she must have felt, after being married to my father almost 30 years, had she not had the help from her family, counting, depending, and yes, being there, and the “synergy” created, (energy created by a group) through the abundant love of her family, and all of our prayers, and hers.
My mother set examples, long ago, while I was growing up, such as family traditions.  She made holidays very important, implementing special family traditions, I’ve used with my family, and added
my thoughts and ideas and special traditions, and I am sure my daughter/son will do the same, adding more to these traditions, because traditions, create family bonding, such as my annual bake night before Christmas.  (Send me a message if you wish to know more)
A family is a “unit”, that should always keep growing.  There is immediate family, and extended family, and non traditional families, but the same things apply to each, when wanting to keep a family close.  I feel that a family must stick together in this life.  However, unless, each individual person who is part of that family, does not feel the same, that can be hard to do. Remember:  You are part of the “glue” holding your family together, so its worth your energy to strengthen that investment.
When it comes to your family, remember:  They are your blood.   We do what we can, when we can, for our families.  They are the one special blessing in life we, no matter who your family consists, of, we can count on, through sickness and health, making those special memories, like my mother’s birthday….I hope I was able to make it a special one for her, as each of us in my family all did our part, and that was ultimately reflected, to the kind of birthday she had today.

  I love you mom.  YOU, are the best definition of what family means, and your actions, always show your deep love for each and everyone of us………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

Happy Birthday
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