What do our feelings mean to others and ourselves? Let us first take a look at the definition of feelings and how the Webster Dictionary describes their meaning. Feelings: 1. The sense of touch; A sensation perceived by this. 2. General Emotional Condition. Sensibilities.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning: 1. The way we interpret our sensations of emotion. 2. The very nature of what makes us human. The difference between a human being and wild animal are the range of feelings we are capable of having.


Our feelings are very important. It is our very feeling on something that can create the passion needed to write something beautifully. Our feelings also give us a gauge to judge where our emotions are at and if we are passionate about something, we usually will have very strong feelings about it.


Feelings also get hurt. We need to be sensitive to others and their feelings because the words we use to another can create feelings within them that may be hurt ones if we don’t think first before we speak.


Some feelings just to name a few that we have are happiness, joy, anger, rage, elation, and these are the very feelings that lead to good writing because if your able to pour those feelings out in ink on a piece of paper you will write something beautiful.


Use your feelings productively for yourself and others. If you are feeling down about something you can’t change, the best thing to do is allow yourself a certain amount of time to feel down, and decide after that, there is no longer any productivity in wallowing in that feeling. Sometimes too many feelings can be destructive, and unproductive, and you can dig yourself into a pit if it is something like depression.


My point is we can have positive or negative feelings and we can use them to make us more productive or less, depending on what we are feeling.


The best time to write is when we are feeling the strongest. Put your feelings on paper, do your best to express them to a trusted other, if they are about sadness if they are not productive feelings, put a timer on how long you will allow yourself to feel that way.


We are “imperfectly perfect” and our feelings are beautiful because they can stimulate the more creative sides of us. Let us not forget about the most important feeling of all: LOVE.

That is what separates us from other creatures; the ability to love and we don’t want to put a timer on those kinds of feelings ever.


Thank you for reading. As always, I appreciate any comments you have on daily wisdom words, and you may post them below, at realisticpoetry.com, Samantha Leboeuf@facebook.com, Samanylize@ twitter.com and I would love to hear from you.

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