So, i was talking to someone over the phone outside in the cool of the evening yesterday and a gentle insect flew to my front. I could not see it because it was already dark at that time. So all i did was preen on it’s light and wondered how a tiny insect like that could emit such essence in a dark world.

My inquisition led me to ‘Google’ the next morning. i just had to know the mystery behind this tiny and beautiful insect. Base on my research, the light that comes from the lower part of its abdomen is caused by a chemical reaction called BIOLUMINESCENCE.

Wikipedia defines it as a production and emission of light by a living organism. If you ask me, i really would love to have such a reaction but i believe you and i already possess that light. We display that light each time we converge here to compose beautiful poems.

Can i ask you a question? Can we shine that light one more time by;

  • Seeing a picture
  • Composing a poem inspired by picture with words in title.
  • Sharing with us via the comment box below.

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
8 months ago

The Firefly

Sometimes it’s an ugly old bug
That is the keeper of the lamp.
Christ had no physical beauty
But He bore God’s own facial stamp.
Scars in His head, His hands and feet
Spelled the end of Man’s defeat.
I am homely like that too,
But I too bear the light,
Although the lamp-stand isn’t nice.
For His Will, beauty need not suffice.

It’s the luminescence that’s the essence
Not the effervescent countenance.

Kattt (@kattt)
8 months ago

Fireflies light
The twilight skies
Illuminating our way
Down by the river
You took me in ur arms & we begin to sway,
dancing to the sweet music
of cicadas in the grass
Lulling us into a love
That was predestined to last.

Kattt (@kattt)
8 months ago

You are the habit
She’s unwilling to break
Even though its proving
You could be a mistake
But pride will prevent her
From seeing the light
She wont accept defeat
Without a hellish fight
Like a firefly fluttering
Trapped in a jar
She has no way back
This has gone too far

Kattt (@kattt)
8 months ago

Thank you, I just worked with the words you gave. Appreciate the comment

@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
8 months ago

Memories of you firefly
across my dark eyes
glancing back in time
streetlighting yesterday.

Dancing within your light
our nights awakened us
you loved to take my hand
make me touch your dark.

We’d find a shy dawn
whispering sweet songs
you’d make me then
tasting your light again.

@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
8 months ago

Thanks, Abuh. I love the “glancing back in time streetlighting yesterday” line…

Anneke (@guest_7769)
8 months ago

‪Palm to palm‬
‪We walked the path you knew‬
‪To the edge‬
‪Of the creek‬
‪Where they played,‬
‪Like you did as a child.‬
‪It was so dark‬
‪I could barely see‬
‪Your silhouette‬
‪Before a flicker of light‬
‪Another flicker answered.‬
‪We stood silent‬
‪As the water trickled‬
‪And the fireflies‬
‪Blinked and danced‬
‪Their conversation.‬
‪Skimming the surface‬
‪Of the water.‬
‪Rounding our backs,‬
‪Assessing the‬
‪The blinking slowed‬
‪Going out‬
‪One by one‬
‪Until we were‬
‪back in the dark.‬
‪and I couldn’t see‬
‪Your silhouette.‬
‪There was just‬
‪Your hand in mine.‬

Anneke (@guest_7773)
8 months ago

Thank you!

@Tetrametracall1 (@verde_mar)
8 months ago
Reply to  Anneke


Michelle (@michelle)
8 months ago

A friendly ghost
of a last goodbye
foisted upon me a smile
amiable silence linger
between me n the dark
where shines fireflies .

i mime my joy to flicker
lighting alleyways of
night scented jasmine
wrapping my mood in
an alchemy of feelings
to a beautiful yellow moon.

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