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What is Friendship and why is it so important to have in our lives?

Let us take a look at the Webster Dictionary Meaning of Friendship and go from there.  Friendship:  1.  the emotion or conduct of friends;  the state of being friends.  2.  a relationship between friends

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Friendship:  1.  the relationship between two people who trust, respect and love one another for exactly who they are.

Friendships are important whether your married or not.  Some people think that just because they are married, they don’t need their friends.  I personally don’t agree with that.  I think, even if your husband is someone you call your best friend, you still need friendships.  Friendships from other people is important for you to develop as a person, and to learn how to be a friend.

What do I mean when I say, “Learn how to be a friend?”  I mean that it takes certain qualities to be a friend, one being able to be someone an individual an trust.  Another good quality of knowing how to be a friend, is to be a trustworthy individual.   You must be someone the other party can trust with their confidences.  Another important quality of friendship is the ability to listen.  I am talking about proactive listening.  Listening where you paraphrase back to the other person in a question form, what they are trying to communicate to you.

There are other important qualities of being a friend, and we all have the right to expect those same qualities in return.  We also need to have friends that respect who we are as individuals.  We are all different and a good friend can respect ones differences and appreciate their similarities.

I have a best friend I have not even met in person with.  I met her on twitter and she stands out as an individual.  She is loyal, faithful, empathetic, funny and a great listener.  She is not judgmental . She is kind to others, and well liked.  I feel fortunate to be her best friend.  We have a lot in common as we are at the same stage in life with many things.  We have a lot of differences and each of us respects the other for those differences.

I have someone else in my life who knows how to be a friend, in fact, a few people.  The one I am thinking of in particular I have met, and she is a wonderful, trustworthy person. She lives close to me,, but oddly, we don’t see each other that often, but do talk on the phone very often.

I also consider my family to be best friends, including my daughter, son and mother. They all are not judgmental, respect me, and are there for me when I need them.

The friend that I feel closest to is the one I have not met in person as she seems to understand me, and I her.  I am grateful to God for putting us in one another’s lives, and am grateful to her.  She is an amazing woman with too many good qualities to list.

Ask yourself today, who is your best friend, and why are they your best friend?  What do they do for you,, and you for them, that makes the relationship be on a higher level than your other relationships?  What makes the relationship so special?

Great News to all of you out there having issues with the website.  I have hired another web designer, and he is wonderful.  His company promises to have this website up and running perfectly in 4-7 days.  This will include additional pages, one for bloggers, and one for self-published book authors that would like to advertise with us on this internet site.  I think you will see a huge difference in the quality of the internet site, and will no longer have problems communicating.  We will be able to post directly to twitter, facebook, instagram and google plus and have the option for youtube which will make music day on Saturday’s even easier as Peter will be able to send us out the song with one youtube post.

I am so excited for all of you to see my vision come true.  I will be able to make announcements on the new website, and so many more options, too many to list.  Besides, I want it to be a surprise to you all.

Thanks so much for reading about friendship today, and have a beautiful and blessed day!


Samantha Leboeuf


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Wendy davidson (@wendydavidson)
2 years ago

Thank you so much, Samantha. I accidentally wrote it twice, thinking it didn’ t post the first time. Oops. But I appreciate your invitation to post on the site. It’ s good to be able to share with other writers and see others’ work.

Wendy davidson (@wendydavidson)
2 years ago

” Family That I Choose” They are the family that I choose Who chase away my blues. They accept all my faults and hold the keys to all my heart’ s vaults. They give me time and space Or a safe, loving place. They let me be me, And make me feel free: Free of my anxieties and fears and the depression suffered throughout the years. Together we are a stronger ” we”, As another world they help me to see. We laugh and we cry , We have fun and we fly. We dance and we sing and learn… Read more »

Samrane Savangsy (@guest_878)
2 years ago

Talking openly. Walking playfully. Shoving gently. Laughing uncontrollably. Embracing honestly. Loving truthfully. Backstory: this piece was inspired by my friends. I wrote it while I was doing my undergrad. One Saturday five of us went to the river. After parking our car, we walked playfully toward the river. There was joking around about everything, there was shoving, pushing some of us off the road and then there were the ‘I”m sorrys’ and ‘ and ‘are you okay’?, and hugging ensued, and there was laughing with with teary eyes. It was a day that still lingers fondly. Later that day, I… Read more »

Rebecca Strachan (@guest_850)
2 years ago

Why can’t we
just be friends
Why can’t we
Just get along
You be my friend
And I’ll be yours
No longer misfits
No right or wrong
Let’s look beyond
Each other’s faults
Stick closer
Than a brother
Loyal to the end
True friendship
Can’t be bought

Elizabeth Moura (@guest_839)
2 years ago

The days we spent
and river
always two
even when time
bore down
and our hair
and our hands
through every season
you remained
the friend
I deserved
for loving you
as you loved me

Raquel Rogers (@guest_833)
2 years ago

Love you Bff♡♡♡♡

John Villarreal (@guest_832)
2 years ago

There are people in your life You have known throughout the years Some have brought you endless joy Some have brought you countless tears Call it luck, call it fate Whatever it may be They were placed on your life path Perhaps by destiny Friendships you’ve accepted Friendships that you’ve spurned Friendships that you’ve left behind On bridges that you’ve burned Is there one friend you can think of Who’s always been right there They always seem to help you through Those times of deep despair Someone that you grew up with In your old neighborhood They’ve stuck with you… Read more »

Ranice (@myworldofpoetry)
2 years ago

The love of a friend,
Is the glow of a firefly,
Delicate, warm and hopeful,
Soothing the gloomy eyes.

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