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GENEROSITY                                      DAILY WISDOM WORDS

How do you feel when someone shares a gift with you?   Ask yourself, How do you feel inside, when giving another loved one a gift?  Which feels best to you?  To give or to receive?  Think of how graciously you give with all your h

eart. Is it more enjoyable to show our generosity to others, or to have generosity shared with us?  Give or receive?  Let us take a look at the meaning of Generosity.

Webster Definition:  1.  Noble Minded, Magnanimous  2.  Willing to give or share, unselfish  3.  Large, ample  

Daily Wisdom Word Definition:   1.  To give of oneself, to another, what they feel would make them happy, even if this is something they love for themselves.  2.  Giving of one’s heart in some way  3.  my mother and what she gives of herself.

There are different ways to be generous.  We can give a gift with “Monetary Value”, or we can give our time, or we can finally, give our heart to another, innocently and generously.  

Generosity to me, is about giving your heart to another.  Once I do this, it is hard to get it back should the other, no longer want it.  There are different ways to show love through generosity as well.  

Generosity is a “Wonderful Wisdom Word”.  I feel generosity can best be described when we think of our Mother’s or any loved one who “selflessly loves” us, and shares that, like my mother does, without conditions. With yesterday being Mother’s Day, I watched my children give in each way:  They cooked an elaborate breakfast, they went shopping to get the ingredients the night before.  All of this, “showed me, their love”.  I received monetary gifts from both, and as I think of my children, they are a wonderful definition of what being generous with others is all about.  They expected nothing in return, but my happiness.

My mother is also an example of how we truly love and Her GENEROSITY knows no boundaries.  She is a wonderful mother, and thinking of her, today, as well as my children, inspired me to write about generosity.  My mother gives monetarily, and spreads herself thin between each of her four adult children, making sure to pay my older sister’s rent, listening, to me with her time, and she gives to all but her. 

GENEROSITY is not about Money.  Generosity is not about gifts.  Generosity, in its true light, is giving of oneself, expecting nothing in return.  This is what made me think of my mother.  She describes generosity best, in all she does.   Again, when do we feel best about ourselves?  Watching the joy on our children’s face, when we give of ourselves by MAKING what time we have, for them, or giving to them monetarily.  

For me, this is priceless.   Yesterday is the perfect example of generosity, watching my daughter write out her long card on paper.  (a habit she has had since she was a child).  I am a mother, but my mother set the example of how to be one.   “NOT ONLY DOES SHE GIVE WHAT SHE HAS TO GIVE”, She gives what she doesn’t have, and puts others needs before her own.  STILL

Generosity is special because it has no boundaries.  Generosity is the gift of ourselves with the, best of who we are given in it.  If generosity could be wrapped in a package, or gift, I would give it to my mother, with a big bow on top or my children and other loved ones.

Generosity is giving when it hurts.  What does this mean?  This means, even if it costs you, financially, or emotionally, depending on your personality, you will give to another, what you wish to keep the most.

I worried when I was younger as my husband at the time, started making tons of money.  I created a rule.  I would give something I LOVED to someone I LOVED.  I would give to them something I liked so much for myself.  I never wanted to be a monetary person, who judged another based on what they had.

I remember the children of my father, when I was first engaged to him, scraping up a few bucks to splurge on a Friday night pizza.  I married him with nothing.  I saw his drive and ambition and potential, so we both took a chance, and we have two beautiful children, because of it.

Generosity in your world, is defined by you, and what choices are right, and what you give, is a part of who you are, as well as “how you receive”.  Actions once again, win over words, for it is in what we do, not say, that shows the truest definition of GENEROSITY.  SL

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