Why do we give gifts at Christmas time and other times of the year?  We all know what gifts are, but out of curiosity, let us take a look at what they mean in our Webster Dictionary:

Gifts-1.  Something acquired without compensation.  2.  the act of giving . 3. give as present, make a gift of

Gifts are special.  They are our way of giving to another person and showing them the love in our heart.  Gifts don’t have to be material items to be gifts.  There are clever ways to give gifts without spending money.  I think the most clever gift I have seen is the coupon booklet.

You take construction paper and cut each piece into fours.  On each piece of paper, you write a gift your going to give the other person such as a back massage, or taking over kitchen duty for the week.  Each item is good for some form of sacrifice from the giver of the gift.  This type of gift ois the hardest to give, because it requires time out of someone’s schedule to give.  It is also very meaningful to the receiver.

We give gifts for many reasons, especially to show appreciation to the person we are giving the gift to.  Gifts can be little trinkets of love from the heart.  We give different kinds of gifts.  There are Christmas gifts, and romantic gifts, and Valentine’s gifts, and so many more.   I think one of the most meaningful gifts is the everyday gift.

The everyday gift is a gift given for no reason other than to do something nice for someone else.  There is no special time of year for these kinds of gifts.  These are definitely gifts from the heart.  These are also the most meaningful to the receiver of the gift.  Make sure this Christmas season to show your appreciation for the gifts you get because someone went to a lot of trouble to give you this present and it is important to remember the thoughtfulness behind it.

Thank you so much for reading about gifts today and may the joy of the holiday season be with you in heart, mind and soul.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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