What is goodness and what does it mean in the Webster Dictionary?

Goodness, according to the Webster Dictionary means:  1.  the quality of being good, in particular.  2.  virtue, moral excellence

Goodness is a trait, but inherent in all of us unless someone is born with a mental illness such as being sociopathic or Narcissistic personality disorder.  That does not mean these people have no goodness within them, it simply means there is a problem accessing it.

Goodness is a light that shines through the soul and just as visible as a lightbulb on the ceiling to others that have it too.  Goodness is when you see that man stop on the side of the road to help someone change a tire just because.  Goodness expects nothing in return.  It just is, and is a form of moral excellence just as the Webster Dictionary describes it.

Goodness is something you also see in caretakers such as my mother.  I watched her take care of her mother, my grandmother, for ten years, to avoid having to send her to a nursing home.  My mother changed diapers, did feedings, until it was just too much for any one person to handle.  Then she had no choice but to put my grandmother in a home.  That was as hard for her as it was my grandmother, and she did not like it.

I also watched my mother’s unselfishness raising four children.  She selflessly put their needs before her own, sometimes not even having a minute for herself, and never once complained about it.  That is my mother.  Completely selfless.

Goodness us pure and the antonym of evil.  It is pure and it is innocent.  When was the last time in this world you have seen an act of goodness, just because?  Goodness truly is the light that shines within the soul, and we all have access to it, but like a muscle it has to be worked on everyday.  Because you do have some of it within you, you can purify yourself by doing at least one good deed a day and expecting nothing in return for it.  This will cause a habit pattern to emerge and you will find yourself exercising your own goodness.  Think about how you can have more goodness within today, and do something kind for someone else.  They will be so grateful to you, it will make it more worthwhile for you than them.

Thank you for reading Daily Wisdom Words today, and please have a safe and happy Labor Day.

Samantha Leboeuf

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