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GOSSIP                                                    “FEELING GOOD, THEN BAD ABOUT YOU”

GOSSIP IS PROMINENT AT THIS TIME IN OUR WORLD.  WHY DO WE THINK THIS MIGHT BE?  FIRST OF ALL, ALL OF US ARE INSIDE OUR HOMES MORE THAN EVER.  HAVING TIME ON OUR HANDS can lead to trouble.  When we don’t wish to look at our own flaws, we may find ourselves gossiping about someone else’s.  Regardless of how, when, or why we are gossiping, it is not a healthy habit to build upon.  Gossiping not only eventually hurts others, but it also hurts us.  What kind of individual do we feel in our hearts we are?  One that speaks about another’s negativity to avoid their own flaws will eventually hurt themselves. 

Along with gossiping, if we have some form of conscience, we feel bad about ourselves after we talk negatively to another about other people.  I believe gossip directly reflects on our own character and who we are.  What are other reasons people gossip about others?  They may legitimately have feelings of negativity and feel they need to say what is on their mind.  Some things are better left “unsaid”.  How would we feel if we were a third party to a conversation that centered on negative comments about us?  We would be hurt, and certainly would not have faith in this person for being a friend.   

Life is short as it is.  Surely there are more productive things to do or say than “gossip” about another even if we feel what we are saying is true.  There are boundaries we need to respects as we would expect others to respect.  What comes around does go around, and talking about someone else derogatorily is not productive and hurts that person, and eventually, YOU.  I think when we are busy judging others, we are wasting time that would be better spent on improving the flaws we have ourselves.  Let us take a look at the definition of gossip in our Webster Dictionary and the Daily Wisdom Word Definition.   

Webster Definition of Gossip-1. Casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed to be true.  2.  A person who likes talking about other people’s private lives. 

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-Talking or sharing details that may or may not be true about another individual or individual(s) usually done or shared with others when one is insecure about their own issues.  

Gossip not only hurts others, but it also is not productive, yet we may find ourselves gossiping regardless of others.  Not only does gossip “spread” it’s often repeated from the person we initially shared the gossip with to others. The words we initially used are often twisted out of proportion or “added to” for drama and animation.  Thanks so much for reading about gossip today.  I hope if you find yourself gossiping, this article will give you many reasons not to.  Samantha Leboeuf/Dailywisdomwords.com


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