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Why is it so important to be grateful for the things we do have including those who love us, our health, having a roof over our head, clean water, and food to eat as well as good things that happen along the way?  Before going any further, let us take a look at the meaning of gratification.

Gratification-1.  Pleasure, especially when gained from satisfaction or desire.  2.  a source of pleasure

Daily Wisdom Words Meaning of  Gratification-Appreciation for the good things we have in our lives.  Changing our thinking and focus to focus on those things, people we appreciate, and God.  

In a world full of pain and suffering, all available on our nightly news, it is so easy to focus on the tragedies of life.  Unless we plan on doing something positive about the things that we feel the worst about, especially for others, it is best to focus on what we can change.  We have loved ones in our own lives calling out for help, and we need to be focused on others needs to see these things.  A loved one can be hurting right now that your close to, and you may not be aware of it.  

One way we can help others experience gratification, is to be the example we wish to set.  A living example of advice is the best form of it.  We are all leaders to others, but may not be acknowledged for it.  Being grateful for everything in life, will change your thinking is so many ways.  You will find, if you retrain yourself not to focus on the negative things in life we all experience in one form or another, to see these things as lessons we can learn from.  

One way to do this, is to trace a problem back to its roots.  I promise you, if your in some form of predicament, somewhere along the way, a choice you made affected the outcome of that situation.  By being grateful for those things we do have in our lives, we change our thinking;  therefore changing our choices.  

Everything I share with you, are all things I have had to learn along the way.  I am far from perfect, and need to do more thanking and doing, instead of moaning and feeling helpless.  Change is not always easy, however.  Making changes in our lives to focus on the positive and also to be grateful even with wonderful intentions fall on the back burner sometimes.  Listed below, are some ways we can make a change to show and be happy in our own gratification.

1.  create a gratitude list.  Your mind is most receptive to change and new input when you first wake up.  The first thing one can do is to create a list of appreciation for those things in your life, more importantly loved ones in your life your grateful for.

2.  Use words like thank you, please, (kindness words) and you will begin to notice the small things such as a smile from your child to you, which can be a great mindset in creating gratitude in your life.  

3.  Be careful with those you associate with.  Have you ever listened to someone who is constantly negative?  Even by simply listening to them, you feel drained after talking to them.  Gratitude is the opposite.  We do acknowledge bad things that have happened in our life, but we look for the good in them.  There are always lessons we can learn from Mistakes.

4.  Say prayers of thankfulness.  Perhaps you don’t believe in God.  All I ask is you make the effort to thank someone for something good that has happened in your life.  You may open up a whole new connection to a God you thought you did not believe in.  

Gratification and pleasure can be found in the smallest of things.  I have always found, when I have been financially, emotionally, or socially short, something has come my way to change things for the better.  Fewer of these good things happen if I don’t have some form of FAITH.  

Thanks so much for reading about gratification and appreciation today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.  I am now learning to add links to my posts to articles you may find helpful and other daily wisdom words that may also help you.  Don’t forget, we have added a new page to our website called, Wise Advice.  This is a page where you can seek advice anonymously or choose to get advice from other daily wisdom words members.  go to:  https://www.dailywisdomwords/wise-advice to take advantage of this.  Because we are not licensed counselors, but Mental Health Advocates, you must be a member to take advantage of this latest service.  

With deep gratitude for you reading these words, Samantha One last thing:  when you are done reading this post, please scroll down to the join the discussion area at the bottom of the page and leave a comment about how this post affected/did not affect you, or advice you suggest for achieving a gracious form of thinking.

other links you may find useful: https://greatergood.berkeley.edu/article/item/how_gratitude_changes_you_and_your_brain+&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us

other daily wisdom words which may be helpful:  https://dailywisdomwords.com/choices-2/
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