Where does greatness come from and how do we measure it or do we at all measure it?

Let us first take a look at the meaning of greatness in the Webster Dictionary-1.  The quality of being great, distinguished or eminent.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  The qualities that make up exceptional skills with something.  2.  Greatness as in being great at something to a point of outstanding.

Greatness is a rare quality but one we all have inside us if we find our passion in life.  Greatness is success-success beyond your wildest dreams.  Greatness does not mean monetary necessarily, but it is common with greatness for money and financial success to follow.  Greatness is something to be proud of because it means you’ve dug inside and seen what your really made of and the strength behind it.

Greatness is usually created in a series of steps.  First there is being good at something.  Then, as time goes on, we begin to see the surface of greatness.  Greatness isn’t something we can go buy at the store.  It is a skillset of any kind developed with passion and honor and time.  Greatness doesn’t usually happen overnight.  It is also a rare thing for most of us and not all of us by any means will achieve it in our lifetime.

Take the great painter, Micheal DeAngelo.  He did not start his paintings off with greatness.  He honed and developed his skills over time.  Greatness means you have gone over and above the top of the success ladder.greatness is not always measured by a skill.  It can be who you are on the inside.  Greatness can be about your soul, thriving.  Most people only achieve greatness once if at all over their lifetime.

People who have achieved greatness are often marveled at.  Those people who marvel at them can spend so much time with envy of another, they don’t focus on the greatness they can achieve if they were to put their mind, soul and passion to it.

If you wish to be the best poet on earth, you usually start off with raw talent but if that raw talent is never developed, greatness is never reached, as it is the highest peak of success.  Some people simply spend their lifetime thriving off the greatness of others.  they never peak at it themselves, because they are too busy trying to “copy” the greatness of another.

Greatness is authentic, real, raw talent developed over a period of time.  If you have achieved greatness over a lifetime, you have grown into God’s plan for you in life, and you’ve used all of your passion, drive and will power to get there.  We are all capable of achieving greatness;  the reasons why most people never do achieve greatness, is because they spent their whole life traveling down the wrong road going the wrong direction to reach it.

Thank you for reading about greatness with me today.  I leave you with this:  If you have achieved greatness in your lifetime, you have done so taking some chances to get to this top.  Greatness, just as anything else in this world, does not come without a cost.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha LeBoeuf/Daily Wisdom Words

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