What if EVE, according to the bible, had not acted on the “impulse” to eat the fruit from the tree?

Turns out, based on MRI brain scans, by understanding how the brain works, we are headed that way!!   we all have the ability to control our impulses, to some degree!  Impulses are part of our nature.   We all have impulses, lots of them, and some impulses are positive, leading to excitement, motivation, and wonderful creativity.  As with everything in our lives, “balance” is crucial when speculating about “impulses”?

 IF, we are capable of compulsive or obsessive behavior, which most of us, including myself, are capable of, from time to time, it would be good to try exercising impulse control which we can, by replacing the negative reward from the negative impulse, with something positive.  However, you nor I can begin to use this information, without listening to the voice, an impulse actually has.

What else can happen with our impulses, then?  For example, I realized I exercised this, with quitting smoking, and it worked!  I replaced the impulses to smoke with an electronic cigarette, when I had the smoking urge.  Along with our impulses, comes an urge to act on them, and this can be dangerous!  How can we motivate ourselves to take a different direction, when we act upon negative impulses?  Do you have any impulses you’ve acted upon, and later regretted?  You are not alone.

Interestingly enough, however, impulses are controlled at the beginning by our “thinking process”, and specific actions and neurons, called “neural impulses”, fire, then we are motivated to act on the impulse by chemicals in our brain.

 impulses for some of us, are reacted on much too often, leading to trouble, so why not “use” this wisdom word, as a part of your “toolbox in life”, and create an awareness of your positive and negative impulses?

Knowledge is proud;  Wisdom however, is humble.  I write about “impulses”  based on my “interpretation” of what I researched and read.  I do, believe with all my heart, when I choose a “wisdom word”, it is heart inspired, but adding factual information to these posts, can better help me, and hopefully help you with the logistical information, which is needed, to fully understand our impulses.

On a positive note, the thought of writing about ONE wisdom word, and actually act on it was based on “impulse” so we must weigh with “balance”, the positive aspects of our impulses as well.  I wouldn’t be writing now without that first “impulse” and the creativity it inspired.  SL

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