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The feeling of Indifference is more common today then it ever has been.
Let us take a look at the meaning of the word according to Webster:

1.  lack of interest or concern about something 2:  an indifferent attitude or feeling

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning:  Lack of “connection” from our heart to another, or a lack of “connection” with our own feelings.

Why is indifference more prevalent then ever?  To figure this out, let us first take a look at what we are “connecting” to.  Today, our connections are via texts, tweets, instagrams, Facebook Posts, but how much are we really”connecting” to others hearts as well as our own?  How much “indifference” do we pass along with these communication methods verses connecting directly and more personally on occasion?

We must make a stronger effort to connect.  What happened to visits, and getting to know someone by asking them questions about who they are, directly, and hearing the tone and words of the answers, personally via telephone or over a cup of coffee?  What happened to picking up a phone and making a personal call, or writing personal letters?  

I realize it is much more convenient to send a text, go on Social Networks, and tweet. These are all great forms of communication when we don’t have other alternatives.  Let us not forget though, that we do have other choices.

Ask yourself how “strong” is the connection that we build and warm that connection is, once we have utilized the latter?

Convenience, to me =partial recipe for indifference.  The less convenient it is to make 
connections to our loved ones, the more the connection would be strengthened with that extra effort made.

Sometimes, “indifference” is common within us, because the actions we use to connect and collect, simply don’t form the strength of caring we would like to feel within our hearts making us all the more indifferent.

I believe many of us have a void in our relationships an indifference is simply the feeling we get with the void, and most of this is because we are NOT reaching out to touch someone with a personal call or visit, face to face.  

Don’t get me wrong. I think it is wonderful there are so many new ways to connect with others.  However, don’t forget just how much you “felt” the last time someone reached out directly to you.

Indifference is the result of a lack of effort on our parts and we must love all of those people we care about with all avenues of communication…Hug one of your friends today.  SL

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