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What is infatuation and what is the difference between infatuation and love?

Let us first take a  look at the meaning of infatuation in our Webster Dictionary-Infatuation: 1.  An intense but short-lived passion for someone or something

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Infatuation:  1.  A feeling generally felt when someone is in love with someone.  Infatuations tend to last temporarily, and usually either end, or turn into a deeper, more meaningful love.

When was the last time you were infatuated?  It is such an intense feeling and a feeling that leaves you on an emotional high.  The best way to explain infatuation is to give you examples of it through my own experiences.

All my life I have been plagued with infatuation.  I would meet someone, develop an instant crush on them before I even knew who they were on the inside, and set my sights on them.  Once we were dating, rarely did the infatuation end quickly.

Infatuation for me, was never short-lived.  I think because the feeling is supposed to be temporary, it ends when the relationship deepens, but many of my relationships never did.   I would continue to date the man, because of the infatuation, and generally they were emotionally unavailable.  This caused many heartaches when the infatuation was finally over, because it is easily misidentified with love.

Love is caring for someone for their good and bad qualities.   Infatuation is more about seeing someones good qualities only, so when these relationships ended, there was always the feeling that there could have been so much more with them if they had been willing to put the time into the relationship.

On their end,  I assume it was only infatuation too, because they ended the relationship when it started to get serious.  Infatuation is like a high.  You feel as if your on the highest high, rarely need a full nights sleep and spend three hours getting ready for a date.  You rarely sleep the night before, and the dreams you have, are about the person you are so infatuated with.

I remember being in a great mood all day simply because I was going to see this person that evening, and it carrying throughout the date.

What happens when infatuation does turn into actual love over time, because this does happen.  It happened to me more than once.  Generally over time, you learn to accept the person for their flaws, the good, bad and the ugly.  The infatuation may linger in brief moments throughout the relationship, but there is love there as well.

Infatuation can take you on a roller coaster ride, going up and down with your emotions just like a rollercoaster ride, based on whether this individual is more or less infatuated than you.  If they are less infatuated,  you are so depressed when they have to cancel a date.  If they are more infatuated with you, your the one cancelling the date!

Infatuation is a normal stage we all experience at some point in the beginning of any love relationship and it does slowly wane off, as we get to know them, flaws and all.  Be careful if all of your relationships are built only around infatuation, and you end them after it has worn off.  It could be a sign that your emotionally unavailable.  You may need to seek counseling for this.

The last person I was with, ran through stages of infatuation and reality about me.  When he saw the reality of who I was, both good and bad, he broke up with me. After he had been away from me for a while, the infatuation would set in again, and he would only want me until my flaws appeared so relationships can go back and forth.  Sometimes this is normal, and sometimes, not.

Thank you for reading about infatuation with me today.  I expect to see poems and quotes about infatuation and back stories behind them after being so honest and forthright with you!  That is actually my job as a writer so poems and simple quotes are fine too.

Have a beautiful and blessed day.


July 26th, 2018


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Laurel Griffin (@laurel)
2 years ago

I so wish I could’ve read this years ago and really taken it in. Samantha talks about the “high” of the infatuation. I could not have been a better candidate. Abused as a child, bullied at school, and suffering from depression and anxiety since childhood, I HAD to keep the high going. I thought THIS was feeling like a real person. Finally, God answered my prayers and someone actually liked me. It was supposed to be like this. The high was also a distraction. I was unconsciously bypassing all of my pain. My problems. Unwittingly, I was phasing out everything… Read more »

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