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How do intersections play a role in our lives except directing our traffic moves?  In this post, I am using intersections as a metaphor for life.  Let us first take a look at the meaning of intersections in our Webster Dictionary before I explain further

Intersections:  1.  a line or point of lines that intersect . 2.  an action of intersecting

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning of Intersections:  1.  our “traffic lights” in life that are invisible but let us know how to proceed with our decision making process telling us to stop, go our proceed with caution.

Intersections in going to be our analogy for today’s post.  I believe life is full of intersections, and if your healthy, mentally, physically and psychologically you can pick up on these invisible signs of guidance and use them to help with your decision making process.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “think before you act”?  This allows us to visualize an intersection when making our decisions.  Sometimes we have just a split second to think, but if you actually train your mind like a muscle, you will see these intersections with clear direction and below is a sign of what they mean.

  1. Red or stop-stop means NO, DON’T GO FORWARD, or do not say yes to this decision
  2. Green or go-means YES, PROCEED!  go forward with whatever you’ve been struggling with
  3. Yellow or “proceed with caution” means think long and hard before moving forward with our decision making process.

These can be mental signs that you can read before proceeding in any way.  There is something out there called our sixth sense and that is where these directions can train to guide you in all decision making processes.  I define our sixth sense as our instinct combined with our intuition and that makes this a very strong tool to have in our tool belt indeed.  We have the right answers, but we need to know how to ask the right questions.

This post may seem silly to you, but you truly can change your way of thinking to recognize what your instinct and intuition are telling you, and having a clear, visual affirmation like a stop light will literally place an image in your head with the proper answer, if that is how you train to think.  This is going to become an important slogan in future posts: “train to think”, because I believe we can train ourselves to “think smarter”.  Visualization with something as clear as a traffic light and associating it with a color for a move, is a great way to start.

Thank you for reading about intersections today.  When your done reading it, scroll down beneath it, where it says, “join the discussion” and give me your feedback and thoughts on today’s daily wisdom word;  or, write a poem or quote referring to an intersection mentally and what they mean to you.

Thanks so much for reading and have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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