What does ire mean?  Let us take a look at the definition of ire in our Webster Dictionary.


Daily Wisdom Word Definition-1.  Anger towards another or ourselves.

We can feel ire towards others and it builds up resentment.  Anger is productive only if it opens up the lines of communication in an adult fashion.  Ire towards another, if not used productively, can lead to resentments and disappointment.  I know when I am angry at others, I first self-examine.  I look at my part of whatever it is I am angry about.  I then confront the person I am angry at with “I” messages.

“I” messages start off with the word, I.  I feel, I think, I am feeling are all good ways to approach a conversation when we feel ire towards another.  Remember to let the adult in you do the thinking prior to confronting someone with your feelings.  This way your taking accountability for your feelings and this is very important.  If you start the conversation off with a “you” message, the other party you feel ire towards, feels like your pointing the finger straight at them.

What about when your angry with yourself?  How do you cope with this form of ire?  It is easier than you think.  First, realize your a human being and your never going to be perfect.  Second, adjust the amount of anger your feeling towards yourself down a notch or two.  This is easy to do when you accept the fact your a human being and will and can make mistakes which is what generally makes us angry towards ourselves.

When we do get angry, we need a productive outlet to manage it.  We can work out, even using a punching bag.  Anger is both physical and mental, so to cool it off, You need to cool off both sides of it;  the physical and the mental.  We can simply go for a walk.  We can change our self-talk and again, take accountability for our own part in whatever it is we are angry about.

Wisdom comes from making mistakes and I have tried not managing my anger and have lost good friends.  Thanks so much for reading about ire today.  Have a beautiful and blessed day.

Samantha Leboeurf/DWW

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