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ISOLATION                                      HOW ARE YOU COPING?

Today’s Daily Wisdom Word is “isolation”.  I think isolation is such an important topic and appropriate for what is going on in this world with a pandemic.  I had an emergency appointment at my dentist’s office.  This was the first time I had been out since the lockdown.  Isolation came to mind, because I have been spending time alone.  Isolation is very difficult, especially when it is mandatory and not your choice.  I felt like I was viewing this world for the first time.  I saw the masks we all are advised to wear.  When I walked in the dentist’s office, I was surprised that they took my temperature.

How do we cope with all of these changes?  I think, now that some of the restrictions are lifted, we will have to adjust to being around others practicing “social distancing”.  I have some suggestions that may make it easier to cope but before offering those, let’s look at the meaning of the word, isolation. 

Webster Dictionary meaning of isolation-denoting a ward or hospital for patients with contagious or infectious diseases

isolation-an extreme form of “social distancing”.  

I think these suggestions may help with the adjustment of all the ones advised.  1.  be prepared when you first go out to see the new changes that I mentioned above.  2.  Don’t allow yourself to be too confined to your home, meaning go outside in your yard, get fresh air and be proactive  3.  keep in touch with all of your loved ones through facetime and phone calls.  4.  accept, don’t fight this new world and do your best to adjust by knowing what to expect.  

I won’t lie to you.  Going out and seeing these changes was difficult.  I came back home relieved to be there as this atmosphere is what I am used to.  I feel we all have to adjust to a new normal.  Perhaps when a vaccine is developed for COVID-19, there will be changes again, allowing us to be physically closer to others.  I think isolation is a daily wisdom word that must be discussed.  I feel together, rather than on our own we are always stronger.  I encourage you to share your feelings today beneath this article, where is says, “join the discussion.  We, together can come up with creative ways to interact more with those we love including our friends.  

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