What is judgment?   Part of the definition of Judgment in the Webster Dictionary is:  “the judging
of Mankind by God.” 

In my opinion, that is the correct definition:  “By God”.  Granted, I have had my dictionary for 20
years, but that part of the definition of the word, Judgment, has not changed.  By God.  Very powerful!

Most people who know me, will tell you, I am not a judgmental person.  However, I do have to
make a “conscious” effort in my mind, when a friend or loved one confides in me, to stop my
mind from ever beginning to form an opinion from the start.

We should never judge anyone based on direct, or even worse, indirect knowledge, of a sin or indiscretion.  It can be very difficult, but if you follow my POA,(plan of action), you can stop
yourself from judging, when someone shares with you by NOT forming an opinion of their actions
to begin with.

We must always listen with Empathy.  Empathy is different then sympathy.  Empathy is having the heart and capacity to not only listen to this person with a mind, completely open, and also having the HEART to place yourself in the other persons shoes, doing your best to feel what they are feeling, and doing your very best, to help them. That, is empathy.

If you think your too judgmental, perhaps, when you pass judgment, you should ask yourself:  Have
I ever walked the path of the decision making process this person went through, to end up where they are today?  HOW do I know what I would do if I was placed in the exact circumstances that person was in when they made the choices and DECISIONS to get to the place they are in today.

After listening with an open mind, and with empathy, when that person is finished sharing with you, acknowledge you “heard them”.  Words of kindness NEED to be a given:  ADVICE does not, unless
asked by this person for it.  To give advice, when it is NOT asked for, is an insult to the other person, and that is the last thing, a loved one needs when they are hurting or sharing.

Every SINGLE thing that happens to us, is NEVER coincidence.  One way or the other, God has a  “architectural design” just as unique as our DNA.  Remember this, when beginning to pass judgment on another. We all make mistakes, and some are “learning lessons” from God, necessary for our growth.  You are the recipient of this information for a reason.

Perhaps its your turn in life to learn to love others without passing judgment upon them.  You, by the way, are reading this post, because there is something in here that will inspire you to be a better person;  A person who can discern all information heard from another, with objectivity, and LOVE. 



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