I ask myself always if there’s Justice in the world. It still is a surprise to me that I don’t have the answer to that question.

Maybe, just maybe, I will get my answer today on DWW PICTURE POETRY.

-Look at picture carefully

-Compose a poem inspired by picture

-Share with us

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Michelle (@michelle)
10 months ago

Ambitious be the folly of men
moral conduct
submit to understand
and rationalilize the
entreaty of madness in
misjudgment of rules
differ the differences
upon justest ground
justice cannot be discerned
when segregation is set
in rules of mindset.

Foster (@guest_6989)
10 months ago

They say justice is blind, man all the more
Who can’t find the ocean while on its shore.
The lighthouse beckons the ships all asea
Yet the shadows are all we seem to see.
Boats pass in the night adrift in a dream
In seas of ideas penned ream upon ream
The philosopher poets, ever ignored
Their most peaceful thoughts dismissed, never shored.

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