What is a labyrinth?  The first time I heard the word, labyrinth, was on a book title written by Steven Arnett doing a book review on one of the most fascinating books I have had the privilege to read.  I had to look up the meaning because I couldn’t believe I had never heard this word.

Let us take a look at the meaning of labyrinth in our Webster Dictionary. A Labyrinth is a maze, of sorts and a fascinating title for a book.

Labyrinth-1.  a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one’s way, a maze.  2.  An intricate and confusing arrangement.

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Pathways with different directions you can take and the confusion of which way to go.

When I think of a labyrinth, I think of the maze of neuro pathways we have inside our body.  What a complicated maze that is, but there is a reason each neuro pathways go the directions they do, because they help supply blood and nutrients to our body.

I can’t help but think when I was diagnosed with De quervain’s syndrome . The veins were not sending blood through my wrists and hands properly.   The surgeon that looked at it explained the maze of veins we have in our bodies, especially our hands and wrists.  He also explained that when one vein took a different pathway then it was supposed to, things such as severe pain in the hands were part of the symptoms.

I ended up having to go through surgery within the veins and have them reroute those veins and create a new, complicated pathway for the blood to flow through.

I also think of a maze with many different pathways leading to a different place.  Labyrinths are unusual, but they are out there, and within our own body’s pathways.

Thank you so much for reading about this unusual daily wisdom word today!

Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Kirsten Del Barga (@guest_1900)
2 years ago

A spinning of colors
vibrant variance
abreast eachother.
Circular meteor
picking up speed
rising at each turn
towards a peak.
While all is held
in grip of darkness
which propels us to
our need, against fear
of blending, to reach
and light the zenith.

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