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WHAT IS A LEADER?  A LEADER CAN BE ANYONE WHO HEADS UP A TEAM, ADMINISTRATION, GROUP OR ANYONE WHO SETS AN EXAMPLE.  When you are a leader with leadership responsibilities you are the one who sets the example for whoever you are guiding.  We have leaders who set examples that may be right or wrong.  Leaders in my opinion, have a responsibility to be a good role model for whoever they are leading.  Leaders of countries are examples our younger generation looks at for guidance, morals, values, decisions they make, and thoughts on the issues that the leader represents.  

If we don’t represent positive leadership, we should not be a leader.  There are groups in the world sadly that wish to represent violence.  For example, Osama Bin Laden who chanted over and over in propaganda videos “death to America”.  What did the children who saw him as their leader do?  They prepared themselves armed and operational even at 5 years old.  They hated America as well.  How sad it was to see a child 13 to 15 years old following the leadership they have been taught,  strapped with a bomb.  These children are taught to think they will be doing Allah’s work.  They will be seen in paradise as making the ultimate sacrifice.  Where did they learn this thought process?  From leadership the Leader taught and followed set himself.  They followed his guidance, ultimately with their life.  

A great leader has leadership examples that are positive and exemplary.  When we Parent we are leaders.  When we direct our children with guidance, often words are not always followed.  It is a proven fact, that our example as a leader is followed not only with our words, but actions.  Great examples of leadership and guidance are beliefs we follow ourselves.  A great leader needs to follow his own leadership example.  It means so little to children what we say.  When ew exhibit a leadership role, whomever we lead will look to us for leadership by our actions and examples.  I learned this lesson as a parent “after” my children were grown.  I hope my advice is taken by parents who are actively leading children now.  Our judgement as a leader for our children should be well thought out with each decision we make.  We also need to be prepared to follow through with our own actions because we have a responsibility as a leader.  

Webster Definition of leadership-1.  The position and function of a leader.  2.  ability to lead 3.  an act or instance of leading guidance and direction.

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of leadership-1.  Leading through our actions.  Taking a stand and understanding the responsibilities to be a leader.  

Being a leader is a compliment when our leadership is admirable.  All leadership of any kind is followed through with character and actions we are teaching. We are all leaders at some point, and our leadership skills set examples for those we lead.  Leadership is shown through our actions and words.  We all can be a positive role model and live by the actions our leadership will stand for.  This applies to work ethics, and leadership of any kind. Leadership is shown by the examples we set.

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Shirley Satterfield (@shirleymandelsatterfield)
5 months ago

Thank you for this very timely article as new leaders are taking the helm at the White House. We need to pray that God will give them wisdom.

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