Our Daily Wisdom Word today is Limerence. This is word number 10 out of the most beautiful words article of the top 32 words in the English Language being the most attractive.


Let us first look at the meaning of Limerence in our Webster Dictionary-Limerence-A psychological state that involves persistent obsession for and compulsion toward another person, characterized by involuntary and intrusive thoughts, anxiety, physical and subjective distress, emotional dependence, and impaired functioning.


Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-Limerence-the state of being infatuated with another person.


Have you ever had a relationship based on total limerence and obsession, heartbreak and pain? I can tell you from experience you must be at an unhealthy place yourself to be attracted to a relationship like this. I will share my relationship based on Limerence with you and hope you don’t judge me. Limerence happens when your vulnerable. My Pain Management Specialist diagnosed me with Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome, and we ended up in a relationship. ( A doctor takes a hippocratic oath not to get involved with their patients but we did get involved.)


The reason why the American Medical Association does not allow doctors to date their patients, because a patient opens up to their doctor and the relationship doesn’t start on level playing fields.


For those of you reading this today, actions do speak louder than words. He would do something totally unacceptable and swear to me how much he loved me and I would let his words be believed in making my decision to stay with him rather than his actions.


After finding out I had this horrible illness, I also found out I had breast cancer six months later, and dating a doctor was somehow comforting. I began to put up with so much more than I ever had and was even in a state of full Limerence with him, despite how he was treating me.


I realize now how sick this is, but being in the relationship would not allow me to see it clearly, so I became more and more dependent on him. My poetry saved my life. I would write poems about my emotions and looking back on it all, I realize just how much I depended on the words I shared with myself. I also journaled and that helped save my life. We had great times, which mixed my emotions up more, when he would stand me up for a weekend trip. This went on for almost four years and I finally was out of the woods with the Cancer and had learned to live with the other illness until I was able to find the strength within to end the relationship. The limerence was dealt with in counseling during the relationship and I am now with someone that treats me right.


For those of you that wish to connect with me I would love that. You can connect with me on this webpage at or connect with me on my website and leave comments at, or on or on Facebook under my name, Samantha LeBoeuf or on . If your in an unhealthy relationship, reach out to me with your questions and you can also leave comments beneath this post. I am expecting a lot of stories and Poetry to be shared from the word Limerence, either beneath this post or on or on my website at


Make sure to read “Poets choose heartbreak over love” in the voice of poets section on this website to see that stats point us more towards limerence when writing as well.


Thank you for reading today. We are all “imperfectly perfect”, so we all make mistakes. It wasn’t easy to be so honest today so don’t be too hard on me!


Samantha Leboeuf

Community Leader





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