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Do you know what your limitations are?  We all have them, let’s face it.  Limitations are those things in life that can stop us from being capable of doing something.  Before we go any further, let us take a look at the meaning of limitations in our Webster Dictionary.

Limitations-1.  A limiting rule or circumstance . 2.  A condition of limited ability, a defect or failing.  the action of limiting something.  

Daily Wisdom Word Definition of limitations-1.  An activity or handicap that won’t allow us to do something we wish to do. 

Limitations can be being handicapped and in a wheelchair where you aren’t able to walk.  My older sister provides some inspiration to me for limitations.  She was in a wheelchair for years, and lived a very desolate life.  She was in the hospital sick with pneumonia and her lung collapsed. 

After overcoming this tragedy, still in a wheelchair due to an injury in her foot, it had crippled her years earlier.  She came across a wonderful doctor who told her he thought if he could get her strong enough physically to undergo surgery, he could put a rod in her leg and screws in her foot.  

It is worth mentioning, that before my sister hurt her foot/lower leg, she was a runner, at heart.  She would run five miles or more at a time.  You can imagine how hard it was for my sister to accept her new limitations, when she lost the one thing she loved to do the most:  run.  

She finally became strong enough for surgery.  I find it quite amazing as much as she had been in the hospital she was willing to give this orthopedic doctor a chance to fix her, but she is stubborn and she was bound and determined to at least walk again.  

Happily, she underwent surgery, and it was successful.   She had overcome the biggest limitation she had ever had in her life.  No, she did not just start walking.  It took months of physical Therapy, a few falls and much tenacity and strength on her part.  She eventually was walking again.  She now is very physically active and it would not surprise me to see her run again as she once loved, years ago.  She is a deep inspiration to me, and proof that “Our limitations don’t define us”.  “We define our limitations.

Some limitations don’t have an avenue that allows them to be overcome, and if your one of those people, I say to you, accept yourself, and love yourself for what you are;  Not for what you are not.  My sister also taught me to NEVER GIVE UP HOPE.   Much love to you, my older sister, Roslynn.

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Thanks,  Samantha Leboeuf/DWW

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Ace Apayda (@guest_3090)
1 year ago

Can be simplifications
Taking what you cannot do
And making into something you CAN do
Turning power into power
Smashing peoples expectations
Turning fear into powder
I say bullsh*t!
Just put your mind to it 100%
You will be surprised by
What you can represent
When you overcome

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