Why is listening so important and what exactly does it mean?  Let us take a look at listening in our Webster Dictionary.  1-Listening:  to pay attention in order to hear . 

Daily Wisdom Word Meaning-The reason God gave us two ears and one mouth.  Listening is the most important thing we can do to grow, learn and understand or comprehend another’s parties message to us. 

Listening has many different forms but I think the most important type of listening is “Active Listening”.  It is the type of listening that Counselors now use with their patients and there are seven different keys to it.  1.  Be attentive . 2.  Ask open-ended questions . 3.  Ask probing questions  4. Request clarification  5.  Paraphrasing  6.  Be attuned to and reflect feelings  7.  Summarize.  

Active listening is the kind of listening we should be doing on a regular basis, or at least some of these steps.  This lets the other party know that we have heard them.  It also lets the other party know that we understand them.  Another definition I found for listening was this:  The ability to accurately receive and interpret messages in the communication process.  Listening is key to all effective communication.  Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood.  

Active listening build rapport with the other party, understanding with them, and most importantly, trust.  It is a proven psychological technique but we can use it to, when someone is confiding in us, and wants us to listen, and it is more important than ever to let them know we understand them.  Active listening requires effort on your behalf, because it requires you not only to make a conscious effort to hear not only the words that another person is saying, and the benefit to you is you will end up receiving the complete message the other party is trying to communicate to you.

In order to be a good listener, it takes time and patience.  You cannot allow yourself to become distracted by whatever else may be going on around you, or by forming counter arguments while the other person speaking.  You can’t allow yourself to get bored and lose focus on what the other person is saying.  

If you really want to be a good listener, and your finding yourself having difficulty concentrating  on what someone is saying, try repeating his or her words mentally as he says them-this will reinforce his message and help you stay focused.

Good communication in general, require a high level of self awareness.  Understanding your own personal style of communicating will go a long way toward helping you to create good and lasting impressions with others.

Don’t forget to let the other party know your listening to what he or she is saying.  Try to respond to the speaker in a way that will encourage him to continue speaking, so that you can get the information that you need to respond to them.  Try to respond in a way that encourages the other party to continue speaking.  Don’t forget to provide feedback to the other party that lets them know your really listening.

As you hopefully can tell by this article, listening is a skill.  You must practice active listening to become good at it and practice the steps I mentioned above.  These are also the first steps a counselor learns in training is “how to listen”.

We are all works in progress and are not perfect but we are, “imperfectly perfect”.  Listening, especially actively requires practice, and you may not get it right the first time, but eventually, you will get it right.

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